Signature Roses: Finding Alternative for Plastic Bags

Murugesh Guru Mohan, CEODiscussions and debates are always on the rise for saving the mother planet from plastic pollution. But each time, the efforts from people and organizations in making the plastic free environment a reality is barely noticed. The negligence towards limiting non-eco-friendly products for daily usage, and the inundation of such products in special occasions is making it a far dream to achieve. Signature Roses established in 2008 venture its eco-friendly bags in such scenarios where the possibilities of large movement of non-eco-friendly products are easily made. The company envisions to the adoption of recyclable and reusable bags for people of different walks of life.

Conceiving Jute and Cotton Bags for Tomorrow
It is a common practice to throw away bags which are used over a certain period. These bags cannot be the same product in different shape or size once it loses its durability. Signature Roses promotes reusable bags that can serve to various purposes like clutches and handbags for ladies, backpack for kids, and travel bags, using both cotton and jute fabric. Apart from bags, jute products for notebooks and office files are also enlisted. Being obliged to cater top quality products, Signature Roses does not compromise on the fabric quality under any circumstance. For the jutes which are brought from Calcutta, Signature Roses have
a particular supplier who makes sure of the quality of the raw material. Venturing customization possibilities like embedding customer's name on the bag, Signature Roses achieves them through state-of-the-art machinery they possess. "Using small embroidery machine and offset printing, various art works are done on fabric. We do not outsource anything. The manufacturing unit is predominantly run by ladies, with my wife heading the team",says Murugesh Guru Mohan, CEO, Signature Roses. One of the major things that make the company a unique venture dedicated for eco-friendliness is the use of non-PVC ink for printing over the products.

The motto of Signature Roses, `All for jute and Jute for all', completely resounds with the business the company is involved in

Signature Roses maintains three showrooms that sell products directly to the end-user, and also through dealer networks. With a prime focus on stimulating people to buy eco-friendly based products, the company has set the starting price as 45 INR for jute and 25 INR for cotton bags. Recently the company has come up with jute handmade bags that cost around Rs.350, which is a nominal rate. The motto of Signature Roses,`All for jute and Jute for all', completely resounds with the business the company is involved in. The company is specialized in manufacturing gift wrapping papers for weddings and special occasions. Signature Roses' eco-friendly products include lunch bags for kids with attractive animal themes to make them attractive. They comprise a washable pouch for reusability, which does not hamper the quality of the product. Moreover, by issuing mirror note books of the theme 'Believe in Your self' in 2019, the company has drawn the concept of self inspiration by placing a mirror in front of stationary note books.

Signature Roses' eco-friendly products are majorly for common users, and are also supplied across business enterprises and hospitals. Having no particular means to advertise their products, the company has initiated its supply gateway through, and through own online platform that makes delivery possible across U.S and Australia. "When awareness against plastic usage gains momentum, people switch to eco-friendly materials. We are happy to say that people are willing to alter from their conditioned routines" adds Murugesh. In the contemporary scenario where global e-waste is piling up huge, Signature Roses is looking forward at the recycling industry for moving closer to an eco-friendly world.