SignDesk: Providing Cost-Effective and Tech- Driven Digital Signature Solution

Krupesh Bhat & Ashok Kadsur,Co-FoundersIn a business, hundreds of things should be taken care of; proper documentation comes first in place among them. From company registration, client contracts to GST filing, all your legal documents are mandated to run a business successfully. Drafting legal documents or getting a company registered has been a cumbersome task for decades, but with the SignDesk, India's most trusted Aadhaar based eSignature provider, it’s not the same anymore. SignDesk’s technology driven digital signature solution offers an easy and cost-effective way to drafting, processing and storing documents irrespective of the size of your business or industry.

Aadhaar based eSign to Easier Digital Transformation
The advent of Aadhaar and the promising technology behind it inspired Krupesh Bhat and Ashok Kadsur, Co-Founders of SignDesk to leverage the power of India’s Unique Identification system for digitized documentation. Launched in 2016 by Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Co-Founder of Infosys and former Chairman of Aadhaar, SignDesk is a fair attempt of Co-Founders to make India’s digital transformation efficient through the channel of Aadhaar.
“SignDesk provides a complete eSign workflow by eliminating colossal paperwork and transforming week long procedures into seconds’ time framework. Our goal is to create the Aadhaar holders a simple but unique platform to sign documents online from any remote location. With the introduction of Aadhaar eSign, there definitely is a vibrant energy for the digital signature industry and a pressing need to fully penetrate the market,” says Krupesh Bhat, Co-Founder of SignDesk.

Aadhaar eSign was the first comprehensive tool recognized by law, to provide simple, convenient and large scale usage of the electronic signature. SignDesk offers a Document Workflow Automation, which encompasses the Legal Document Drafting, Digitized Stamp Duty Payment, eSign, and eNACH technologies along with secure storage services.

“Being an ISO Certified organization for data security and process management, SignDesk gives priority to security, confidentiality and integrity of clients and customers. Analysing the size and need of the business verticals, we make completely digitized solutions with scalable transactions and robust security systems. Our comprehensive document management utilities enable customers to manage their entire documentation - be it employee/HR documentation, vendor management and customer documentation efficiently with seamless integration and storage security. All data that is stored possesses best-in-industry multi-level encryptions,” explains Krupesh Bhat.

Understanding the significance of expertise and technology know-how required in the rapidly
evolving digital landscape, SignDesk’s masterminds strive to make the product innovative both in terms of solutions and services. Krupesh shares, “We keep ourselves abreast of the changing market requirements and keep iterating and bettering our products from all angles, so we can always be savvy in this domain. To better the customer experience, our team researched on reducing the total time required for eSigning and brought it down to less than 4 seconds! Through extensive research and top-notch technology applications, we aim to build innovative products in this space to address the needs of customers and we’ll keep adding new features to serve the market well.”

Company’s large enterprise client base has grown significantly over the past one year and reached the triple digit. The heterogeneous clientele of SignDesk includes prominent names from industries like Finance, FMCG, Banking, Fintech and Telecom, among others. Along with the branch presence in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, the founders also own a legal document automation platform called “We have evolved as a complete document digitization platform for organisations of all sizes and shapes. In the coming years, company wishes to break into newer technologies like Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning to find breakthroughs in digitized documentation space. We are also developing new products in the contract management and eGovernance areas, while planning to take a leadership position in the international market also,” Krupesh Bhat concludes.