Silverline Electronics: Furnishing Anything & Everything in Electronic Components

Manish Chawla,  CEOSilverline Electronics – a market leader in single board computers, IoT equipment, embedded boards and AI technology, renders everything in electronic components, unlike majority of orthodox dealers who are unable to provide large offerings, right support & components for manufacturing. Apart from marketing & distributing commonly available electronic components, this Bangalore-based company also furnishes hard to find components from best resources across the world. “We have the widest offering; no one else in the resell or distribution market has this kind of large offering. From a pin to a toothbrush, we can sell anything to the customer in terms of the electronic environment,” professes Manish Chawla, CEO, Silverline Electronics.

The company was started way back in 1982 and dealt with orthodox industrial electronic components, but was reborn in 2015 under the leadership of Manish who remodeled Silverline Electronics according to the current market standards & trends, in order to meet the present customer expectations and demands. Today, it extensively deals with industrial electrical
components, industrial automation equipment & sensors, robotic and AI components, which are used in a wide range of applications in the communication, industrial, medical, panel builder, educational, power and defence sectors. In fact the company is the first Raspberry Pi authorized dealer in India and even provide technical, manufacturing and sales support. “I am very thankful to Raspberry for all the unconditional support towards Silverline,” asserts Manish.

From a pin to a toothbrush, we can sell anything to the customer in terms of the electronic environment

This multi segment firm (B2B, B2C & online) believes in first mover advantage and always signs-up with those new brands which have good scope & growth but don’t get an opportunity to enhance their services or market in the right way. The company works 100 percent towards brand’s workforce potential in this regard. Alongside, its young team of 50 members fragmented under sale, customer support & review and a delivery division work together round the clock to render the best products at right time in reasonable price points.

Enhancing Customer Experience
Dedicated towards providing exceptional customer experience, this family-owned venture maintains three separate distribution units in Bangalore, each catering to a different segments namely Retail, OEM and hard to get components. Apart from enabling customers to order online or through its own store/ distributor network of 50 spread PAN India, the company is soon launch an
App to smoothen the experience. Going forward, the firm manages a separate tab and a team of seven members exclusively to resolve any customer complaints regarding components.

On the flip side, the company upholds a separate international export & import division that associates with top national (DTDC & FedEx) & international (UPS Cargo) logistic service providers in order to drop-ship components in the minimal time (7-10 days for special components and 24-48 hours for ordinary components). It also upholds a huge dealer networks PAN India who are managed by team of experts. Besides sourcing & maintaining inventory, providing special logistical arrangements for delivery and offering buffer stocking programs, Silverline Electronics also acts as the extended sales & marketing arm of principles and suppliers to physically serve its customers and satisfy their growing demands for new products & technologies.

Above mentioned features have empowered the company to associate with brands like Raspberry Pi, Google, Elcom, and others and achieve more success. Experiencing a whopping revenue growth of 270 percent, Silverline Electronics envisions opening new outlets around the country and bringing international brands in India in order to serve clients better. “We are growing at very fast rate; in fact handling growth is a problem. We have to expand our thinking with the expansion of growth. From here-on, we should be expanding into new product lines,” concludes Manish.