Sipani Energy: Developing Customized & Eco-Friendly Lighting Solutions to Suffice Customers' Evolving Palates

Dinesh Sipani,Managing Director

Dinesh Sipani, Managing Director

Lighting is no more about banishing the darkness only. In today’s dog-eat-dog world, organisations desire custom lighting that can assimilate initial costs, annual energy expenses, replacement frequency, lumen output, and colour rendering accuracy. Concertedly, it assists them in cutting down costs, enticing their customers, and creating an enduring atmosphere. Empowering industries with such custom lighting, Sipani Energy, a subsidiary of Sipani Group, which needs no introduction on its service to the automobile industry, took itself to offer LED lights under the brand ECOVA in 2014. After performing Design Simulation, Sipani provides customized integrated solutions befitting the client’s requirements. Known for its timely delivery, its solutions are tailored to the nature of premises and the operational structure, thereby eluding the need for renovation.

Enabling businesses to embrace the benefits of LED lighting without jeopardies, Sipani offers Lighting-as-a-Service on Zero CAPEX & OPEX models on a long-term basis,
where it recovers costs from energy savings on the BOT model. Through this energy sharing model, which was initially devised for four years to evaluate the business model viability in Indian Power Quality, Sipani has completed over 180 Zero CAPEX projects PAN India in just three years. The company has also triumphantly conveyed the assets to the respective shareholders. “Through these models, we work on zero investment basis. Instead of any upfront charges, we collect our money for a period of 36 months, on energy saving basis over three to five years with a complete guarantee,” adds Dinesh Sipani, Managing Director, Sipani Energy. These astute cash-flow-positive finance and rental models blended with its impeccable LED products, enables its customers to get immediate savings, high-quality product offerings, and solutions for many years.

"Sipani offers Lighting-as-a-Service on Zero CAPEX & OPEX models on a long-term basis where it recovers costs from energy savings on the BOT model"

Technology at Its Best
Leveraging its parent company’s expertise of designing energy efficient solutions, this ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, BSCI, CE, BIS, SGS & CPRE certified company provides low wattage, high lumens, and energy-saving LED lighting. The company uses cutting-edge seventh generation chips with higher surge protection to achieve greater lux levels with lower optimized wattage. This facilitates up to 70-80 percent of savings for industrial & outdoor applications
compared to conventional lights. Moreover, its strategic alliance with distinguished Japanese & Korean companies allows it to generate ground-breaking solutions and remain at the forefront of the LED lighting industry.

A recognized leader in the lighting industry, Sipani provides a full product portfolio of luminaires and light sources for indoor & outdoor illumination of everything – from offices, homes, gardens to street lighting and specific project-based requirements. Besides developing High Bay Lights, Floodlights, High-mast Lights, Passat Lights, & specially designed tube lights for precision industrial applications, textile applications and inspection area applications, it also engineers high wattage LED lights in 300-1000 watts range for elevated heights & outdoor applications. Rigorously tested in its in-house test facilities for ensuring long-lasting lifespan, these are provided at 30 percent lower than the market rate. Sipani has developed lighting plans for various companies that include DHL, Mahinda & Mahindra, TCS, Bharat Electronics, Forbes, Oritel Hotels, KPMG, SBI, and many more.

Thanks to these services, Sipani is progressing at a whopping growth of 20 percent annually and is targeting to make it 40 percent in future. The company which serves retail market through Metro Cash & Carry stores PAN India, and B2B market in metro cities aims to expand its wings to the Tier-II & Tier-III cities and is also envisioning entering Middle East & East Africa markets.