Skiddler: Making Kids Learn In New & Exciting Ways

 Bhagyashree Deore,    FounderToys and games are a fun part of childhood, which shapes children's development in learning basics, building healthy self-confidence, stimulating imagination, and directing their behavior. Figuring out appropriate toys for them from countless ones on market is a task for mothers. Enter Skiddler, whose entire value proposition and mission is based on designing toys in such a way that kids can learn and enjoy them in a playful manner because they are always eager to learn about the world around them and they have so much to learn and a lot to experience.

"Every parent wanted to give their child the best, so I started curating various activities for my daughter Meher at a very early age. I constantly tried to keep engaging her in different meaningful activities and slowly my friends, and colleagues recognized and loved them. That is how Skiddler was born", says Bhagyashree Deore, a computer engineer, Founder of Skiddler. In this new era, kids are more vulnerable to mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and all other wireless devices which results in poor growth, damage to eyesight, and impacts their well-being and learning skills.

Considering all these factors, Skiddler designs products that are based on what a mother thinks and needs for her child. Through this, learning becomes a playful experience for both of them. And making education enjoyable will help kids retain the things they learn and develop a positive attitude toward learning. Skiddler was started with the purpose of making children learn
basics expand their language and vocabulary skills, improve problem solving skills, encourage socialization and cooperation, and develop fine and gross motor skills.

In order to meet the competition with other manufacturers, Skiddler expands its products from different vendors across the country to keep the stock ready always. This online toy store platform also collaborates with different e-Commerce websites, Whats App and Facebook groups, and also with different educated technicians who help them in organizing products with their knowledge and experience.

Skiddler envisions providing cost-effective, highquality services with a transparent and strategic mindset and becoming one of the leading online toy store platforms in india

Based in Nasik, Skiddler has successfully built 15 products and trying to launch at least one product every month. "We have designed these toys in such a way that kids can get an experience of everything like handsome activities, sensory activities are there, we have Hindi and Math skill booster activity book, Wooden calendar, appreciation board, rainbow stacker, play dough mat kit, Skiddler Activity House and more", adds Bhagyashre. These products are also available in local toy shops and exhibitions. Apart from manufacturing toys, this platform believes in giving good service, and good products with great quality in order to meet customer satisfaction. That is why today Skiddler is one of the biggest toy stores online with limited complaints from customers.

Future Roadmap
Currently with a team of 7-10 employees, Skiddler envisions providing costeffective, high quality services with a transparent and strategic mindset and becoming one of the leading online toy store platforms in India. "We are on a mission in developing an experience center for kids, with a play area, pretend play area, build different workshops where our products will be there, and kids can come and experience, and that is our next agenda", concludes Bhagyashree.