SKSL: Building the Future of India with Utmost Efficiency and Dedication

   Surojit Samanta,   Managing Director

Surojit Samanta

Managing Director

Looking around, it’s fair to assume that good roads, modern-day buildings have improved the quality of your life. What you may not realize is the efforts and expertise that goes behind each block. As a developing nation,a pivotal factor determining India’s growth is its infrastructural prowess. This is where civil construction companies like S.K. Samanta & Co.(SKSL)are so important.

Introducing SKSL
SKSL was established during 1948-49. 1981 became an instrumental part of SKSL’s history as it became a private limited company and then started entering in high-profile turnkey projects in the coal industry that includes construction of workshops, construction of different forms of plants like cutting-edge water treatment plants, pipelines, and a lot more. Today, SKSL is a market leader when it comes to different forms of engineering, planning, procurement and construction projects. The nature of work is very diverse. It consists of a myriad of activities such as design engineering, survey, point lifting, civil engineering activities, structural works, electrical works, mechanical works, procurement of state-of-the-art equipment, operation of plants, and a lot more.

Today, they stand at a whopping 500 - 600 Crores of annual revenue. A big reason behind that is unlike other renowned coal and manufacturing companies, SKSL is a private
limited company. As a result, the ownership and responsibilities aren't spread among multiple stakeholders. This facilitates quick decision-making and maximum efficiency.

Standing Ahead of the Competition
SKSL has been the backbone when it comes to civil engineering in India and a big reason behind that is its quality and timely delivery. There is no denying the fact that civil projects require a lot of clearance but still this company always delivers on time. ‘Quality is an important factor which they prioritize at every step. That’s a big reason why most of our clients are the highly esteemed names in India like Central Coalfield(CCL), Bharat Coking Coal(BCCL), Eastern Coalfields(ECL), Steel Authority of India (SAIL),and more’, adds Shri Surojit Samanta, Managing Director, S.K. Samanta & Co.

Another big reason behind the unparalleled success of this company is its client relationship. They treat all their clients equally and always lay maximum emphasis on satisfying client requirements.

Employees have been a big pillar behind our unmatched success and today we are home to employees who have been with us for even 50+ years

SKSL also prioritizes employee satisfaction to bolster productivity. For all mining and other activities, they take all the precautionary steps. All employees are provided with adequate training and safety equipment like safety belts, helmets, and more. Furthermore, they have around 50 safety officers overseeing the precautionary measures at all stages. ‘Employees have been a big pillar behind our unmatched success and today we are home to employees who have been with us for even 50+ years,’ he adds. That speaks volumes about the work culture.

A Bright Future Ahead
SKSL is looking to diversify and embrace innovation at every step going forward. Recently, they have set up a highcapacity state of the art steel plant spanning across 35 acres of land. This nextgen TMT Bar Mill stands at a capacity of a whopping 150,000 MT per annum. It is located in the Industrial Growth Centre, Silpahari, Bilaspur. Furthermore, it’s also a pollution free plant as per the norms of Pollution Control Boards. SKSL is surely redefining the Indian civil space and is surely going to take India to new highs in the recent future.