Skypack Logistics: Committed to Timely & Secure Cargo Delivery

Sonu Dhawan,Managing Director

Sonu Dhawan

Managing Director

The Indian logistics industry which forms the backbone of the economy is still highly fragmented in nature. Riddled with lack of infrastructure, inefficient supply chains and lack of best practices, clients often have to undergo unpleasant experiences since most service providers are unable to rise up to the clients’ requirements. An exception to the rule in the Indian logistics industry is Skypack Logistics, a Delhi headquartered international and domestic logistics and freight forwarding company. Functioning with an unwavering commitment towards meeting client requirements and ensuring timely placements, the company is working towards ushering in professionalism in the Indian logistics landscape.

Undertaking Challenges Readily
Known to undertake any challenging project that comes its way, Skypack ensures uninterrupted tracking and safe delivery of cargo. Adept at addressing difficult client requirements, the company also renders express time deliveries and supports clients in different and challenging conditions as well. Even
when a contract is running at a loss, the company honours its commitment and ensures timely and regular placement.

"Adept at addressing difficult client requirements, Skypack also renders express time deliveries and supports clients in different and challenging conditions as well"

Skypack’s primary priority is to uphold client trust and they receive daily tracking report of their cargo. With emphasis on vehicle document verification, vehicle inspection, GPS Tracking, supervising of every loading and escort service for express deliveries, every client need is taken care of by the firm’s able team of experts. Additionally, if an unforeseen circumstance arises, the Sykpack team is upfront about communicating the relevant and accurate details to its clients. Strictly against unethical practices, the company has compiled a list of rogue vendors in order to protect customer interest and cargo safety. The firm takes the verification of cargo and carrier documentation seriously and refuses to deliver any uninsured cargo. Following a fair pricing policy, the company also discourages cash transactions to ensure transparency in all procedures.

Dedicated Services
With the business landscape becoming increasingly global every day, the need for transport of goods and services across various locations has only increased. To this effect Skypack specializes in project logistics, domestic
transportation, end-to-end services, export & import, custom clearance, and equipment purchase & rentals.

The firm’s flagship offering is Inter Local Movement(ILM) of oil and gas rigs. “We undertake projects on end-to-end basis including liasoning with government and locals for smooth movement typically in oil and gas sector in North East and Tripura,” adds Sonu Dhawan, Managing Director, Skypack Logistics. The company has also built a wide network which covers major cities, commercial hubs, airports and seaports globally. Skypack’s strategic association with international freight forwarders and customs brokerages allows its clients to avail a wide range of state-of-the-art, tailor-made freight services in a timely and cost effective manner.

Owing to the firm’s expertise, it has amassed a long list of clients including Gastech Process Engineering/OGSP Cutter Process Solutions, Quippo Oil and Gas, Jaybee Energy, Paruthi Engineers, John Energy, Shiv Vani Oil and Gas Exploration Services, Bharti Airtel and Unicon Technology to name a few. Equipping its team through operation and finance training programmes, Skypack makes an effort to stay relevant in the market. In order to resolve any issues pertaining to employee problems, the firm’s top management directly interacts with aggrieved employees. With a strong ethical and quality service roster in place Skypack is helping push the Indian logistics industry in the right direction.