SM Biotech: One-Stop for all Mushroom Farming Machineries & Mushroom Project Consultancy Services

Shashank Maheshwari,Founder & Director
Shashank Maheshwari, Founder & Director

The present production of mushroom in India has reached approximately 0.13 million tons. Despite of favorable agro-climate, abundance of agro wastes, a rich fungal biodiversity and relatively cheap labour, India has witnessed a lukewarm response in the production of mushroom (4.3 percent between 2010-17). The two most major facets which hindered the growth of the Indian mushroom industry are the non-availability of good quality, low cost & high-yielding mushroom equipments and high dependency on human labour. These obstacles not only adversely impact the quality and production of mushroom but also create unreliable market, thereby decreasing consumption level of the same. Moreover, it is not all economical for the small growers to import the mushroom machinery to catch up with the production demand.

On closely understanding aforementioned dilemmas, Shashank Maheshwari (Founder & Director) established SM Biotech that manufactures all kinds of mushroom farming machineries
and provides complete mushroom project consultancy services, including farm designing, project report, construction of insulated puff panel rooms, composting unit, and all types of sheds and installation of fully & semiautomatic machinery. Besides, the company also renders automation services for old constructed mushroom plant. “Our clients get all the turn key solutions like detailed drawing of layout, civil work, electrical control panels, rain water harvesting and experienced growers for their site. We provide end-to-end mushroom farming solution under one bracket, and have installed Mushroom Plants across India as well as in Kenya, Nepal and Bahrain,” professes Shashank.

Plethora of Unique Products
A series of air handling unit, spawn mixing, bag filling and composting machinery are manufactured at SM Biotech wherein a single bag filing machine performs three vital processes - spawn mixing, straw pasteurization and bag filling of mushroom cultivation in very less time. The cultivation machineries compost filling and automatic composting AHU resolve work speed, labor intensity and temperature maintenance (manages humidity, and CO2 inside growing room round the clock) issues during mixing, turning and shifting processes whereas spawning machine enhances the accuracy of spawning, as well as speed of it by four times.

A sensor-based environment control system (automatically takes
necessary action according to high/low criteria of humidity/heat/cool/CO2 exit) and computerized system are deployed to understand the delicacy of mushroom and access the plant from any corner of the world. Keeping in view the global competition and rising unemployment, these user-friendly and affordable machineries are developed to increase the bulk quality production while enhance labor efficiency and decrease cost of production and labor drudgery.

To further reduce the electricity consumption during whole process, SM Biotech uses small compressor units that switch only necessary compressors one-by-one based upon the requirement. This ISO 9001:2014 certified and trusted seal IndiaMart supplier tests all its manufactured equipments for quality assurance before delivering it to clients and grants one-year on-site warranty for entire range of products along with AMC post this period. This aids growers to set up small and medium scale modernized farms even in the rural areas without much worry. As per customer’s demand, SM Biotech is planning to design mushroom harvesting, packaging and canning machines which will not only reduce time and cost of projects but also help in preparing export quality Canned Mushrooms. The company that has started from scratch and reached a turnover of more than Rs.3 crore, envisions spreading its wings to the global market and export sector.