SOCOMEC: Commemorating 100 Years Of Shared Energy!

Sushil Virmani,  Managing Director

Sushil Virmani

Managing Director

Established in the year 1922 in France, SOCOMEC is an industrial group with a workforce of 3600 people, spread across 80 countries, including India and five continents. With its core business being the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks, the organisation, for nearly a century, has acquired expertise in ensuring energy performance, wherever it is critical. Keen on establishing strong links with the Indian market, SOCOMEC began its operations in India in 1990 in partnership with a local distributor for manufacturing low voltage products. The organization's independent operations in India started in 2006, with Chennai as its headquarters. SOCOMEC's continued growth resulted in the expansion of the team to over 250+ employees across 12 regional offices, with 4 warehouses, in addition nearly 200 distributors and partners. With the Government-led campaign of `Make-in-India', SOCOMEC had a strong reason to increase its investments in the country.

Infused with disruptive innovation and technology at every step of the value chain, the company, in the last three decades has made its presence felt in the highly competitive industry, by redefining energy for the new Industry 4.0 era. SOCOMEC's power conversion, switching, and monitoring products, lauded worldwide for their futuristic design, exceptional performance, and industry leading technical functionalities ensure sustainable growth while adhering to environment norms through well-defined policies and procedures.

Proud Of The Past And Inspired By The Future
Designed to overcome today's challenges, while also future-proofing tomorrow's energy needs, SOCOMECs internationally proven, tested and compliant power solutions, are all that businesses need when energy matters.

The success of various digital campaigns and partner loyalty programs, improved the sentiments of Indian consumer's and industry, stand testimony to the organisation's growth in visibility and further business generation. Through its WHEN ENERGY MATTERS brand campaign, SOCOMEC reinforced its commitment towards building an energy ecosystem characterized by high availability, low latency, and superior connectivity. The ENERGIZING INDIA campaign reiterated the brand's steadfast commitment and contribution towards self-reliant India.

Growth & Diversification In Business
The remarkable growth of market segments including Data Centres, Healthcare and infrastructure and industries like financial services, e-Commerce, media, and the manufacturing sectors, have certainly inspired SOCOMEC to innovate and evolve new product and service lines with high power and high efficiency range of modular solutions, advanced power monitoring solutions and the 24/7 Remote monitoring LINK-UPS & So Live connected services,
catering to and supporting the growing demands of its customers and wade through the tough and challenging times.

Geared with local insights, SOCOMEC opened its new production site at Gurugram, Haryana with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, dedicated to local manufacturing of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Equipped with advanced manufacturing technology the facility functions on lean manufacturing principles, where the system implementation is based on continuous improvements. The building adjacent to the new facility houses a flexible manufacturing structure, designed to produce Load break switches and Manual transfer switches (63 to 3200 A) that can meet the local customer needs.

Having invested in local production for local markets ­ to global standards ­ SOCOMEC, today, continues to expand its global engineering and manufacturing footprint, making SOCOMEC India a self-sustaining entity. By producing locally, the company is able to reduce transit time and associated costs, improve delivery performance as well as environmental impact. Local and regional production facilities also enable SOCOMEC to develop products and processes that are closer than ever to the needs of its customers who serve those local markets. Besides other promising business factors and the Indian.

Socomec's 100 Year Rich Heritage And Innovative Culture Focused On Development And Manufacturing Of Power Systems Combined With Market Leading Technologies, Make The Company More Credible And Reliable Choice For The Customers

Government's constantly evolving investor-friendly policies, have encouraged the power solution provider to step up its investment with business expansion plans.

A Responsible And Socially Inclusive Group Committed To Sustainable Growth
As a manufacturing company that has been in business for almost 100 years, Socomec emphasises the concept of sustainability, where protecting people and the environment is deeply embedded in company's DNA. The business operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner to prevent further pollution and to avoid aggravating ongoing climate change. Recently, Socomec has been rated as a 'Platinum' supplier by Ecovadis. Over the past six years, the rating has continued to improve reflecting the Group's growing commitment to social responsibility and the structuring of its Sustainable Development strategy in keeping with its values.

Emerging Stronger In The `Next Normal'
SOCOMEC India traversed and thrived together during the Pandemic and the way forward in 2022. Besides growing our products and services line, as an organisation, we ensured we strengthened the camaraderie at work, especially during the times of COVID crisis, by making stronger connections with their stakeholders virtually.

Staying connected as a SOCOMEC family through various online platforms, found joys in small moments, learning new hobbies and celebrating both the company and personal milestones, SOCOMEC India nurtured an inclusive work culture in the Virtual times.

Empowering employees and partners with virtual meetings, trainings, workshops, webinars and other requisite digital tools to enhance not only their knowledge sharing and acquisitions, but also to enable them do their best and deliver customer oriented performances with unstinted support and efficient critical and essential customer services that ensure business continuity.

Empowering Customer With Greater Choice!
SOCOMEC's 100 year rich heritage and innovative culture focused on development and manufacturing of power systems (low voltage electrical power) combined with market leading technologies, make the company more credible and reliable choice for the customers. It's expertise in high performance switching systems, delivering optimized safety and guaranteed performance in intelligently connecting energy systems, buildings and industry, complete with sustainability, comfort and cost benefits, inspire SOCOMEC customers to partner with them, as the key enablers for a scalable and successful digitized business.