Socomec Innovative Power Solutions: Providing Innovative Solutions to Ensure High-Quality Performance

Mr. Sushil Virmani ,Managing Director

Mr. Sushil Virmani

Managing Director

Founded by Mr. Joseph Siat in 1922, Socomec is an independent industrial group that imparts services related to Power Control, Monitoring, and Conversion of low voltage electrical installations. Primarily known as Société des Ateliers de Constructions Électromécaniques du BasRhin (Lower Rhine Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing Company), Socomec was initially established in Benfield, France. However, now owing to its constant endeavor to innovate and grow, the Socomec group has 10 production sites, and more than 28 subsidiaries spread across in five continents. With a vision to leverage the market expertise along with the technical glibness by optimizing the performance of power solutions right through its life cycle, the company which initially started manufacturing electrical equipment subsequently formed the electronics division in 1968.

With one of the offices headquartered in Chennai, Socomec started its venture in India in 2006, with its branch offices spread across 12 other locations and 200+ business partners concentrating in Tier I and Tier II cities on PAN India basis. By constantly anticipating market changes, developing cutting-edge technologies, and ensuring complete compliance with international standards, Socomec has managed to accomplish the apex of success. Apart from offering a wide range of value-added services to ensure the reliability and optimization of end-users' equipment through safe, available, and efficient energy, the power solution provider company manufactures Single and Three-phase Online UPS ranging from 600 VA to 5400 kVA, Manual Remote, Automatic transfer switches, load break switches, enclosed solutions and highly advanced Metering range for Energy Measurement, Monitoring as well as Power Quality analysis.

Regardless of any business segment, it is
required to ensure an uninterrupted and quality power supply to guarantee business continuity. Ob-serving a sturdy escalation in major sectors like Data Centre, IT & ITES, BFSI, Industry, Infrastructure, Health-care, Critical and Non-critical Building segments ­ where any unexpected outages may lead to heavy business loss, Socomec offers a secure and connected solution to help the business to mitigate the potential losses and simultaneously upgrade the sys-tem by shifting from the conventional to modular solution ensuring high up-time. Highlighting the unique features of Socomec, Sushil Virmani, MD, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions Pvt Ltd says, "We were the first UPS manufacturers to launch a highly efficient and unique transformer-less UPS system, offering highest power factor in a small footprint. Our innovative Modular UPS systems are designed to address the steeply growing need for power redundancy and hot scalability which stands out from Industry players. Our Medium Power Platform UPS such as Masterys GP4 & Masterys BC+ are built on a flexible brick concept adaptable for all types of infrastructures & environments."

Attributable to increasing digitalisation of industry and the rapid expansion of the data centre market, the next-generation technology of Socomec has been developed with changing data center deployment and capacity models in mind ­ radically in the case of 5G and IoT technology growth ­ but also in response to the evolution of the market in the face of power shortages, regulation, economic and political uncertainty. Deeply committed towards innovation, Socomec possesses 3 test platforms with the latest high-performance equipment, spread across 3500 sq.m surface area, with over 50 test specialists providing reliability and conformity of products and systems.

Developing cutting-edge technologies, and ensuring complete compliance with international standards, Socomec has managed to accomplish the apex of success

To support the `Make in India' initiative, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions aspires to strengthen the local manufacturing facility by adding globally proven technology products to meet the demands of the regional customers. Citing the future endeavors of the company, Sushil Virmani shares, "As a company at the forefront of providing cutting-edge power solutions and collaborating with organizations from all around the world, our goal is to support customers in their digital journey and unlock countless opportunities for exponential growth through technologies. So, our upcoming or future solutions will be with IoT interface and ensure compatibility with new digital services."