Sonal Metacop: Dedicated to Offering Ethical and Environmentally Conscious Services

Balaram P,Director

Balaram P


As we stand equipped with technological advancements and new-age machinery to deal with our daily chores the world is trying to bear and manage the e-waste generated from the inhabitants of the earth. While most of us are ignorant about the whereabouts of the e-waste generated from all these discarded electronic and electrical devices around us, a few of us are determined to recycle and dispose them for the better good.

Established in 2015 with a notion of proper extermination of E-waste containing potentially harmful components which involves significant risk to the health of workers and communities, Sonal Metacop is dedicated to offer ethical and environmentally conscious services. With a vision of eradicating the E-waste dumping crisis in India, Sonal Metacop is taking a pragmatic approach of converting e-waste to value and striving to provide a safe place to all including the employees inside of the facility as well as the environment outside.

Offering exceptional value and maximum returns for the customers, the USP of SonalMetacop lies in its transparent, simple, reliable, and easy e-waste management services offered to its clients that other companies in the market often fail to deliver. "The major services which we offer vary from Secure Data Destruction, Electronic recycling, IT asset Disposal, EPR (Extended producer Responsibility) guidance support. You will receive verification that data is securely
destroyed, whether it is a software to wipe data or through our shredding technology.

Our flagship offering includes the in-house recovery of precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium. The various types of e-waste our company caters to ranges from IT equipment, Consumer durables like AC, Fridge, washing machine, TV, and basically any equipment which runs on electricity. All of our processing technologies at Sonal Metacop are equipped with engineering controls that capture any of the dust being generated from the shred-ding and keep it from being released into the facility and into the open environment. This is all done by our cyclone dust collector", says Balaram P, Director, Sonal Metacop.

Owing to the impeccable new-age solutions in e-waste management, Sonal Metacop is regarded as a leading name in the secure, certified destruction of unwanted electronic waste. Managing electronics waste, swiftly collecting and destroying them in a secure and fully compliant manner, Sonal Metacopis assisting its customers to become environmentally responsible with a valid certification to prove that their electronic waste has been legally disposed of. As a WEEE recycling company, Sonal-Metacop hosts numerous clients including many prominent names "We offer complete electronics and computer WEEE recycling services which include reclamation of all salvageable parts. This reduces demand on land-fills and helps to conserve our precious resources," quotes Balaram.

Sonal Metacop has been successful in developing a Zero waste electronics recycling system

With a mission to drive towards preserving natural resources and eliminating landfills through the use of technology, Sonal Metacop has been successful in developing a Zero waste electronics recycling system. "Educational workshops are being conducted by us across various Educational Institutes in different parts of the city and we are well engaged on social media to create awareness on ill effects of e-waste landfill.

As our recycling processes are in accordance with the standards or guidelines prescribed by the Central & State Pollution Control Board from time to time, our company adheres to offering top-notch waste management services in addition to R2 Standards of Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI). Our end-to-end e-waste management techniques and operational network, we are able to tackle huge domestic production of e-waste and illegitimate dumping. We also Ensure that the recycling processes do not have any adverse effect on the health and the environment," concludes Balaram.