SourceEdge Software Technologies: Amplifying the Client's Productivity Through Market Relevant Product Development Services

Rajesh Revankar,Founder & CEO

Rajesh Revankar

Founder & CEO

In a world where markets and industries are lagging far behind due to outdated systems & architecture, and security issues, constant upgrade is the key to sustainability. However, in this race to improvement, companies often digress and lose the core essence of their offerings. However, Bangalore-based SourceEdge Software Technologies excels in engineering market relevant software products for startups as well as large enterprises that are at par with the global standards without compromising on the client’s core offering. While SourceEdge’s strength lies on offering product engineering services to product owners/creators, ISV’s, tts handcrafted solutions for corporate farming and end-to-end business management on finance, inventory and human resource stand as a testament as specialised product life cycle management company. Rajesh Revankar, Founder & CEO, SourceEdge Software Technologies, states, “We help businesses right from implementing their core business solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) to disruptive technology solutions to acquire new clients, engage with customers and transform the business beyond traditional way”.

A Well Charted Methodology
SouceEdge’s software product engineering services rest on three
crucial pillars namely, visualization, creation, and maintenance. A technology-agnostic company, it moulds its work frame and technology as per the clientele requirements and subsequently undertakes the product’s end-to-end detailing, from ideation to prototyping, product design & development, testing, enhancement, quality assurance, migration, and maintenance services. Its product development services is outcome focus based approach that guarantees assured ROI, faster development cycle, increased development productivity, lower development costs, reduced time to market and quality software products.

Its product development services is outcome focus based approach that guarantees assured ROI, faster development cycle, increased development productivity,lower development costs, reduced time to market and quality software products

Though it follows various methodologies like Waterfall, Iterative and SureStep depending upon the project, SourceEdge predominantly follows the Agile methodology to deliver custom software projects where incremental short iterations of two weeks are planned so that the development process is aligned with the changing business needs. This proves to be more productive as Agile software programming adopts a process of frequent feedback where a workable application system is delivered
with an assured ROI and in a faster turn around time.

What began as a small service company that built applications for customers, SourceEdge has evolved into a leading IT engineering company that solves complex business problems in developing innovative products, cutting edge applications to transform businesses to connect with people, data, and devices anytime and any where. For instance, SourceEdge engineered a windows application that helped one of its affluent clients in automation of engineering production planning and scheduling for three of its vast business units. “We have been investing our time to develop productivity tools, frameworks that are intended to automate processes to methods for efficient, flawless quality systems while building solutions to our customers,” explains Rajesh. While this ISO 27001 certified company lays great emphasis on its software product engineering services, SourceEdge has also carved a niche for itself as an expert digital transformation company that encompasses enterprise mobility, cloud engineering, AI/ML, data science, DevOps & microservices, business intelligence, social media marketing and UI/UX.

A Microsoft Gold Partner and a recipient of 'Best Software Services Exporter' by FKCCI, SourceEdge trains its team with latest technological & industrial knowledge while empowering them with periodic assessments on self-development,leadership and professional ethics for an all round development. The company is experiencing a rapid growth surge and further plans on expanding its geographical base and becoming a Rs.100 crore company in next three years.