Sparkium Power: Regularly Introducing Many Acclaimed Lighting Products for the Customers

Subhasish G,Founder & CEO

Subhasish G

Founder & CEO

With the change from traditional bulbs to LEDs, which is driven by growing energy conservation initiatives, increasing customer awareness of energy-efficient products and various product offerings with the increasing trends of digitization, the Indian lighting industry is evolving rapidly. The Indian LED lighting industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.3 percent by the year 2025. In the current market scenario, LEDs have developed a reputation in the lighting industry.

Established in 2018, Sparkium Power is an upcoming company in India with the products such as LED lamps, tubes and other LED lighting products, dry fish packaging, electronics and communication products, in a wide range. Sparkium Power enjoys a keen view of the market with a diverse approach to business and is on track to give customers a very good and appropriate product range at the most competitive price so that it becomes affordable for everyone.

The goods they supply are integrated with the highest standard, eco-friendly and appropriate for all kinds of individuals and business professionals. The company follows a principle which is `providing the best products to meet customers' need', and the major emphasis is that their products should reach every customer and provide a royal experience to their consumers.

Various kinds of domestic commercial and industrial lead lights are provided by Sparkium Power. Subhasish Ghosh, Founder and CEO says, "All kinds of led panel lights,
led spot lights, led surface lights are available for domestic use from 0.5 watts to 22 watts led lamp, led tube. Driven track lights, led strip lights, and more are advertising lights. Industrial companies have led lights such as led high bay lights, led flood lights, led street lights, and led lights for the garden. The top pick led to the INVERTER LIGHT also comes with 9watts and 12watts with a one-year warranty with 2200 MAH and the most common product is ALL ROUNDER led bulb containing 3 different watts of led light in a led bulb such as 0.5watt, 8watt and 15watt."

The Latest Design, Energy Saving Products with High Visibility, and these keep power for more than 45000 hours along with 85 percent drive efficiency, are the main unique characteristics of the Sparkium Power LED Lighting products. These are developed using unparalleled quality raw materials, which are accepted and accredited by professional quality analysts. The company is funded by well-established infrastructure where they have implemented automated production lines with maximum perfection for the manufacturing of the goods.

The company follows a principle which is `providing the best products to meet customers' need', and the major emphasis is that their products should reach every customer and provide a royal experience to their consumers

A research and development department that performs research using modern techniques and instruments to introduce creativity to goods so that they can cope with evolving consumer trends. One among the happy customers of Sparkium Power says ­ "As a lighting professional, I'm always curious to try new bulbs and fixtures around my house to see how they perform. I've tried a lot of different LED bulbs in the past, but when `SPARKIUM' reached out to me I am happy with them."

Sparkium Power is a MSME certified company the company have accomplished 30 percent growth from last year. "We are manufacturer and trader of the wide range of LEDBulbs, Panel Light, LED Street Lights, Surface Panel Light, LED Flood Light and more. Now we are going to launch all kinds of fans, switches, wires & cables within a very short period. Planning to spread our footprint in the field of Trunkey electrical projects, such as construction of power distribution line, renewable energy such as solar and hydro power generation in near future", concludes Subhasish.

Subhasish G, Founder & CEO
A hard-working specialist with 20 years of experience in the fields of sales and marketing networks, competition mapping, partnership management and study of company profitability. He has experience in business strategy growth and execution.