Sri Lakshmi Polypack: Introducing Biodegradable Paper Cups of Modern Quality Standards

I Durga Prasad, FounderThe 80s' decade introduced us to biodegradable products, and ever since our society has expanded the list of potential applications as well as the varieties of products and their sources. However, the globe is still covered in plastic waste. India is not falling short with regards to plastic pollution. Experts have estimated that annual plastic waste generation in India will increase to 165 million tonnes by 2030. According to The World Economic Forum study done on plastic pollution around the world, Oceans will have more plastics than fish by 2050, if plastic pollution continues to rise. India's contribution to plastic waste that is dumped into the world's oceans every year is a massive 60 percent.

Amidst this urgent need to cut down plastic usage, every hand offshore or indoors is called for to help reduce the plastic contaminant. Therefore, Hyderabad headquartered Sri Lakshmi Polypack (SLP)has dedicated itself to manufacture highquality, sturdy, eco-friendly, PLA coated and 100 percent biodegradable paper cup products designed to hold several types of hot and cold beverages in the Indian F&B
market. The firm is also contributing to control the plastic wastes by manufacturing cups with LDPE coating. LDPE coated cups are recyclable, thereby keeping a check on the build up of plastic waste. These cups are manufactured at its own fully automated manufacturing cum packaging facility in Hyderabad. "In the 13 years of its establishment, we have registered a track record of providing unmatched quality and service to our customers", says I.Durga Prasad, Founder, Sri Lakshmi Polypack.

Sri Lakshmi Polypack's modern manufacturing facility is equipped with a state of the art 5color flexo printing machine

Sri Lakshmi Polypack's modern manufacturing facility is equipped with a state of the art 5 color flexo printing machine available in the industry that uses water based food grade inks for printing. The facility also has highspeed paper cup and bowl making machines that enable SLP to serve large customers as well. SLP's products feature a unique set of innovative & thoughtful design and technical elements aimed at enhancing the customer's experience. Leak proof design,heat sealing capability, high organoleptic performance (no interference with taste and odour), optimum stiffness for comfortable grip and feel in the customer's hand and perfectly curled rims formed due to the high stretch value of the paperboard used; these are few of the exceptional parameters that SLP takes care of while producing its deliverables. More so, the products are manufactured from eco-friendly materials including Light Elemental Chlorine Free(Light EFC) paperboard and Free of Optical Brightening Agents(OBAs). The paper boards used are certified by ISO and BRC Global Standards and compliant with US FDA standards.

Sri Lakshmi Polypack has been doing its bit to push our nation towards a greener society by taking such strict precautions in the manufacture of the products. SLP has and will continue to focus on delivering exceptional value to its clients by working closely with them to create paper product solutions for beverages that meet their requirements in a reliable, affordable, and yet sustainable & eco-friendly manner, thereby helping protect our planet for our children and future generations.