Srushti Events: Where Every Event Transpires into a Sensational Experience

Jaya Sankar KVV,Managing Director
Jaya Sankar KVV
Occasions and events in India have considerably taken a sharp proclivity towards approaching event management (EM) companies, for hosting grandiosities and emanating the core of every celebration. This inclination has driven EM companies to battle daily grinds and deliver experiences like never before. However, as the outcome of every event does not always guarantee success, event organizers must thoroughly plan, prepare and equip themselves to stay prepared for the unexpected and surpass customer’s expectations. A master in this art is Srushti Events, a 2000-established event management company in Vijayawada, which carries an extensive expertise of almost two decades emulating efficacious strategies to tackle any possible out-of-the-blue occurrences. Besides working with superlative strategies and acing peers in designing, planning, and production of events, the company guarantees creativity and state-of-art technology to proffer only the best matchless experiences.

Well anchored within its industry under the helm of Jaya Sankar KVV, Srushti claims to have taken India to the world, and brought the world to India' by managing and conducting the finest of events in India and abroad. Right from hosting launches, promotions, shows/parties, concerts, conferences and corporate
events, the company capacitates the handling of every kind of event irrespective of its immensity. Driven by vigorous spirits under its four cardinals of‘obedience(with a smile), punctuality, hard-work and the no-excuse/no-lies policy, Srushti ascertains high standards of quality and commitment to its clients. Moreover, with its self-sustaining dynamicity, it marks its flagship as a one-stop to all event management concerns, giving it the advantage to serve independently, proffering time-based astute services.

"With its self-sustaining dynamicity, Srushti marks its flagship as a one-stop to all event management concerns, giving it the advantage to serve independently, proffering time-based astute services"

Having cemented its reputation as one of the leading EM companies in Andhra Pradesh, Srushti’s prominence has also earned a global stance. Much to the strenuous efforts of its leader Jaya Sankar, the company today owns headquarters in New Jersey, apart from Vijayawada and is also branched out in Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain and several states in the U.S..

Propellers of Success
Governed by aspiration to only deliver the best, Srushti never wastes any opportunity to stay updated with the latest technological advancements making use of only world-class equipment. Furthermore, the company houses its own production house with complete fabrication materials (back-projection screens) and audio-visual systems to edify its self-sustaining quotient. Additionally, with the launch of its own high-quality LED brand called JAY LED, the company need not outsource experts, thereby offering efficient time expedient
services. With an ever-ready zeal to excel its own standards, the company ensures and analyses prior mistakes, emerging with better ways of coping with it when opportunity knocks again. While the success-story of Srushti is reaching international floors, it is crucial to mention the efforts of its effervescent staff that undergo rigorous training to bolster the company’s prosperity.

Hankering Towards Wider Possibilities
Srushti’s fortitude not only aided its success in hosting eight events on a single day, but also enabled the organizing of Tiranga, a public event that involved nearly one lakh participants, also housing Krishna Pushkaralu, a government-based occasion with grand success. Emerging from a seedling to becoming one of India’s top-most EM companies that serves big brands like TATA motors, LG, Wipro, Pepsi, ICICI bank and more, SE has reached a whopping turnover of Rs.5 crore per annum and aims at increasing new aspirations towards hosting government events, besides hitting a turnover beyond the ten crore mark in the current financial year.

Key Management:
Jaya Sankar KVV, MD & CEO
A guest faculty member for MBA in Event Management course for a reputed college in Vijayawada, Sankar leverages his vast business insights to help students hone their skills to become successful event managers of the future.

Offices: New Jersey & Vijayawada

•Corporate Event Management
•Wedding Planning, Birthday Parties
•Live Concerts
•Brand Promotions

•Social Events