Sshashvat Industries: Promising Maximum Efficiency &Dynamic Adaption to the Needs of the Client

Rahul Bhoite,Director

Rahul Bhoite


From 1980 until the present, India's water supply and sanitation has vastly improved, but many individuals still do not have access to clean water, toilets, or sewage facilities. Various government projects at the national, state and local levels have resulted in significant improvements in sanitation and water delivery. Some of these initiatives are still active. Local government agencies tasked with providing drinking water and sanitation services, on the other hand, are perceived as weak and lacking in financial means to carry-out their duties. Training issues, bacteria control, poor monitoring & record-keeping, equipment design & specification, and maintenance concerns are some of the most typical problems Indians experience in water treatment.

Sshasvat Industries, established in 2009, is a startup that is attempting to maintain its position by meeting consumer expectations. In the residential and commercial market, the company discovered that clients demand replacement every 8-10 years. So they launched the Sshashvat SURE 8+ brand, which offers seven years of free replacement to loyal residential customers.

Total Water Treatment Services
Sshashvat Industries manufactures low-cost alkaline water purifiers for homes, hotels, restaurants, corporates and hospitals, with the majority of their customers converting their existing purifiers to alkaline technology. Sshashvat is also focusing on tiny villages through a low-cost ATM counter, which benefits the people by allowing them to enjoy clean and safe water, as per the prime minister's objective.

What differentiates beckon from others is that we study the scenario, site condition, sources of water the customers have, existing plumbing and other Systems, and finally the actual process

Sshashvat specializes in RO Filtration Plant, Softener, Mineral Water Treatment Plant, and converting existing filters into alkaline water purifier. Rahul Bhoite, Director, Sshashvat Industries says, "To set ourselves apart from the competition, we are focusing on alkaline technology in the home sector. We discuss and educate people about alkaline goods and how they can benefit their health, and our customers are constantly given a briefing on the benefits of alkaline water. Sshashvat has also made significant progress in the fields of swimming pool filtration and rainwater harvesting".

Sshashvat is an ever-growing company, with more than 62 employees working for them on a contract basis, just as the company's name implies. The company also has 23+ franchisees who provide service all throughout India, supplying over 50,000,000 litres of water to end-users each year.

Sshashvat Industries has always recognized the value of basic approaches, and as a result, good service and free replacement have been implemented into the business. The company began operations in 2015 in the Mumbai residential market. "We certainly have a solid consumer base. Our presence may be found in a variety of industries, including large residences, hotels, hospitals, and schools, to name a few. Currently, Sshashvat Industries provides services in more than 11 cities. We plan to visit every Indian household. From huge cities to small villages, we want to make sure that everyone has access to clean, wholesome water, which we believe is a basic human right," signs-off Rahul.