Statcon Energiaa: Building the Heart of Your Solar System

Kartikey Mishra,Head of Solar Products

Kartikey Mishra

Head of Solar Products

Established in the year 1987, Statcon Energiaa is a Noida based firm known for manufacturing advanced Power Electronics. Recognized globally for innovative designs and manufacturing in Energy Storage in 2018
and 2019, Statcon Energiaa has over 30 years of experience with a strong presence in the renewable energy sector owing to its flagship products like Solar PCUs and Power Converters.

Statcon Energiaa’s focus is on creating products that are used for both rural and urban markets and they are striving to do that by manufacturing technology intensive solar products. “Inverters make or break Solar so we plan for efficiency and reliability. We design and make storage based Solar PCUs, Solar Containers, Li+ Based Energy Storage Systems, and MPPT for Railway Coaches. Our flagship product is our Hybrid Solar PCU that offers genuine 'Bi-Directional' hybrid technology, is Behind the Meter enabled and is successfully running across India, Africa, Thailand, and other global locations. Our Energy Storage Systems also possess state of the art technology and are compatible with all the latest Battery Technologies like Lithium-Ion Flow, and so on”, shares Kartikey Mishra, Head of Solar Products at Statcon Energiaa.

Involved in energystorage for over a decade with multiple installations across India and abroad the firm has worked on various microgrid projects, with Diesel Genset integration and battery backup. Unlike the grid-tie market, the energy storage business involves a lot of site analysis including load assessment and customer expectations. Owing to its team’s extensive experience in

the energy storage industry, Statcon Energiaa has been able to make an extensive effort to understand clients’applications, needs, load patterns and storage requirements to provide a suitable and sustainable solution.

Unlike numerous out-of India manufacturers, who have standard global offerings, trying to push a fit for all solution, Statcon Energiaa takes pride in providing customised solutions for specific applications. Whether it’s microgrids C&I applications, peak load shaving or applications like cold storage and poultry farms required for a fast growing country like India, Statcon Energiaa is a step ahead of its competitors in all aspects.

Having worked with numerous clients over the years, Statcon Energiaa has set a benchmark for itself in the market by serving businesses like urban office buildings, cold storage, process industries, and many more

Having worked with numerous clients over the years, Statcon Energiaa has set a benchmark for itself in the market by serving businesses like urban office buildings, cold storage, process industries, and many more. Sharing client stories, Kartikey Mishra says, “Our customers have saved lakhs of rupees in electricity bills and receive seamless, uninterrupted, reliable quality electricity to run their businesses. For instance, a Cold Storage in Etawah, UP, had a very high motor load of 150 hp. The plant also suffered from eight hours of power cuts daily. We designed a system where the entire plant with 150 hp of motor and 40kW of load would run on a specialized solar inverter that has VFD panels attached to it. It has flooded Lead Acid batteries and the entire plan runs uninterrupted and seamlessly using storage and solar energy throughout the day. The amount of savings that they get is the amount of electricity that they were using earlier. Our solar solution offsets all the diesel that was going in to the Digital Generator(DG)set whose use is negligible now”.

Primarily recognized for industrial grade products, starting from 5kVA and upwards capacity inverters, Statcon Energiaa is now approaching the consumer market in a big and direct way by launching products in the low capacity MPPT segment. This specifically targets surge loads like pumps and air conditioners running on storage based solar inverters.

We recently launched ‘Bullet 3024,’ the all-powerful MPPT Solar PCU running on just two batteries. Our mission is to make available the best technology there is to our fellow citizens at a price they can afford. We have also made innovative product based solutions for microgrids and smart grids. We believe that Plug-n- Play solutions will change the face of rural electrification too. This is where we see the future. Our solutions are highly modular and hence offer a higher degree of scalability”, signs off Kartikey.