STULZCHSPL India: Offering Top of Line Air Purifiers with High Energy Efficiency, Space Efficiency &BMS Ready Microprocessor Controls

Suresh Balakrishnan, Joint MD,Rajesh Balakrishnan, MD

Suresh Balakrishnan, Joint MD

Rajesh Balakrishnan, MD

Modern day commercial and industrial air purifiers,today, not only have to combat poor air quality,but also address concerns such as lack of adequate space for air purification units, high energy costs of HVAC operations, intermittent failures, corrosion of equipment and above all comfort of people. STULZ CHSPL India stands out as a pioneer in manufacturing Air Purification Units(APUs) and Treated Fresh Air(TFA)units that effectively manage these issues, in addition to other mission critical HVAC systems.

STULZ recently launched its ‘intelligent’ Air Handling Units(i-AHUs)that are 60 percent more energy efficient than standard assembled AHUs and 30 percent more space efficient, with the lowest noise levels. This intelligent innovation stands as the optimal solution to major pain points of customers providing them comfort, good indoor air quality, a small footprint with the highest cost savings in energy, manpower and maintenance. Suresh Balakrishnan, Joint Managing Director, STULZCHSPL India, states,
“Essential parts like DDCs, BMS ready controllers, electrical starter panels with instrumentation, control valves and multiple sensors are designed and factory fitted into our i-AHUs, unlike standard assembled AHUs. This makes all ouri-AHUs as well as TFA units highly efficient in varying outdoor conditions and easy to use. They require insignificant manual intervention, after they have been installed and programmed.”

At STULZCHSPL India, a team of engineers collectively work with clients, architects, project managers and consultants to design high capacity, state-of-the-art, efficient and responsive products

STULZGmbh, the German multinational parent of STULZ CHSPL India, recently expanded its product range to the Indian industrial and commercial segments following its acquisition of Tecnivel. At STULZCHSPL India, a team of engineers collectively work with clients, architects, project managers and consultants to design high capacity, state-of-the-art, efficient and responsive products. “Being the only global HVAC manufacturer in India to deliver both standalone APUs as well purification solutions incorporated into TFA units, our air purifiers have real-time monitoring, highly energy efficient components and system design,” elaborates Rajesh Balakrishnan, Managing Director, STULZCHSPL India.
Efficient Filtration
STULZCHSPL India’s APUs’capacities range from 300-30,000 cfm and TFA units with air purification from 500-36,000 cfm. They have particulate pre-filters, active carbon/ chemical media filters and fine filters. STULZ APUs and TFAs offer air recycling or air pressurization solutions depending on the application needs.

Ensuring Performance
STULZ CHSPL India’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Navi Mumbai, has its own testing facility to perform witness tests for performance of critical systems. It is the first company in India to offer filtration products for datacenter applications in compliance with ASHRAE 2011 and EN779 guidelines. STULZ APU filters meet global standards for air purification. Moreover, all STULZ CHSPL India’s products come with a standard 12 months warranty, with onsite service support and also extended 10-year onsite product support through the firm’s own pan-India service network of factory trained technicians, across 150 locations,.

STULZ bagged the prestigious 2017 DCD Global Award for ‘Energy Efficiency Improvers’ along with Teraco, STULZ also played a crucial role in the implementation precision cooling for MareNostrum. This won STULZ the DCD Award for ‘World’s Most Beautiful Data Centre’.

On the back of fast paced industrialization and urbanization in India, as well as a slew of innovative product launches in the pipeline,STULZ CHSPL expects to sustain its high growth levels and surpass industry growth rates in the coming years.