Synamen Thinklabs: Making Meaningful Ecommerce Experience

Raja Sampath ,Director - Operations & BD

Raja Sampath

Director - Operations & BD

The road from brick and mortar retail stores has evolved to a new path of innovations since the disruption of ecommerce in the business ecosystem. Retail businesses as well as startups and SMEs have gained considerable advantages from the complete or partial ecommerce setup to which they have perched. Magento being an exclusive ecommerce platform has positioned itself in the online retail sphere with exceptional and engaging shopping experiences. Synamen Thinklabs is a Magento Development and Support Company with extensive experience in IT and business. The company helps in building the right system architecture for business based on their goals and growth plans.

Easier Magento to Magen to Migration
Ecommerce market is highly dynamic with plethora of innovations and updates occurring in the field. By implementing complex business processes that involve several innovative startup ideas in B2B and B2C space, Synamen Thinklabs has been running the business based on trust and mutual respect since 2007. The portfolio of the company’s services includes Magento migration & upgrades, extensions development, Magento mobile app and application optimization & audit. Since migrating from Magento 1.x version to the
latest Magento 2 is considered as a daunting task for e-commerce stores, Synamen has developed a process which makes the process easier. The company has executed successful migrations in the past, and the process gets fine tuned with each new migration. Having worked on several B2B projects in the past, Synamen has accumulated extensive exposure to B2B specific operations. It would thus help in codifying them into a set of Magento extensions to build sites quicker.

Synamen’s ready-to-use mobile app helps Magento clients to launch their shop as a mobile app by slashing cost and time

“Depending on business priorities and client preferences, we recommend a build or-buy decision for website design. Whichever approach taken, we ensure that the chosen design is fully responsive to work with various device sizes”, says Raja Sampath, Director Operations and BD, Synamen Thinklabs. The company has assisted Magento 2 stores with certain performance problems in order to improve their page load time, and thereby improving sales.

Since ecommerce has become highly competitive, it has become essential to find ways to reach a larger audience. Synamen’s ready-to-use mobile app helps Magento clients to launch their shop as a mobile app by slashing cost and time. Site security and hacking incidents,website performance, mobile responsiveness and other design issues, on-page SEO related issues, lack of or improperuse of onsite marketing features, and incorrect code due to lack of knowledge in Magento coding standards are some of the common issues that the company addresses. One of the clients, Elgi Ultra is a premium kitchen appliance manufacturer centered on designed quality products for discerning customers. Synamen has developed a shopping and customer care mobile app coupled with their Magento platform and internal customer support processes. Customers can purchase Elgi Ultra’s products and spare parts, register their products, and report complaints from the convenience of the mobile application. If Synamen’s market was majorly across South Asia, now it has started looking forward to the international market as well. Currently the company has Magento projects in UK, Africa, and USA. With a track record of 50 percent revenue growth in the current financial year, Synamen seeks for more business from the US, Canada and European market by tie-ups with consultants and partners.