Sysmix: Inventory Management Platforms to Help Improve Cash Flow and Receivables

Navin Prabhakar,CXOIt looks like technology is proving to be the most cost-effective and swift way to increase the efficiency of warehouse functions. The mounting pressure to fill orders faster has urged both retailers and distributors alike to optimize the stocking, picking, packing & shipping processes. Since its inception in 2003, Sysmix Infotech Private Limited (Sysmix), headquartered in Chennai, has helped several hundred customers consistently solve business challenges. The solutions developed by Sysmix have gone beyond adapting to customer's needs by unlocking hidden information in the form of actionable insights. The company's strength is engineering a better user experience, when it comes to application and products.

"Our inventory solutions have the capability to handle a wide variety of products ranging from food products to clothing and to hardware and accessories. The dead stock alerts, available in the system can help retailers optimize stock levels & increase sales by marking down unsold inventory. Product movement analytics can come in handy to identify slow-moving goods and calibrate their purchases. Not just these, retailors using our system will have a little more extra cash in hand to buy trending products to stock", explained Navin Prabhakar, CXO, Sysmix.

Inventory Services to Organize Supply Chain
Mission-critical inventory applications tend to
be usually complicated; Sysmix has broken down this complexity by providing solutions with an obsessive focus on ease of use. Built with a view to helping retailers manage their order and procurement pipelines, Sysmix's HQ version of Store POS effectively ensures that all the purchases are synchronized with demand routines from various outlets or customers. The HQ version of Store POS has a slot numbering facility to organize items better for faster lookup and pick times. With an internal audit tool to verify the availability of items in the slots there is no delay in stocking /picking items.

Besides, Sysmix has built an IOT based warehouse management app with cloud analytics for seafood processing units. This new suite of apps, aptly named as StackNTrace, generate QR codes, during production, which are stuck on cartons. Subsequently the inventory is tracked throughout its lifetime using a set of scanners that can range from wall mounted to handheld ones.

The main focus at Sysmix is to improve ROI for a customer by providing hassle-free inventory solutions

As the apps run on the handhelds and push data to the cloud, analytics are available to the sales & management team, at different locations, on the precise nature of stock. This task was earlier handled by warehouse managers. StackNTrace now acts as the bridge, effectively allowing the ware-house manager to do more productive tasks. The unique tracking mechanism helps in lot traceability and significantly helps improve the acceptance of goods produced.

Furthermore, the main focus at Sysmix is to provide hassle-free inventory solutions to customers. Customers come up with various kinds of inventory tracking problems, ranging from traceability to pilferage. Multi-store chains, tend to have stock run-outs and unsatisfied customers.

The company addresses these pain-points of customers by offering the right kind of solution for them. In the past, Sysmix has delivered its products to a retail chain specializing in helmets and accessories for sports bike riding. The client was setting up several franchises and wanted all the inventory details at one place. After trying a few services in the market, they came in contact with Sysmix. The solution offered by Sysmix helped drastically cut down re-entry of data at the franchise's end, while still offering the flexibility to the franchise to sell their own wares. This solution is in vogue from clothing to shoes even now.