Tailorsmart: Reviving Bespoke Tailoring Through Its Integrated Online Platform

Pritam Onsker, Founder Director

Pritam Onsker

Founder Director

In the aftermath of globalization, the international & domestic ready-made clothing industry took a giant leap forward, especially in the urban areas. With the advent of e-Commerce & online apparel brands, the shift from bespoke tailoring to ready-to-wear garments has long happened, and it was quite inevitable too. But while this shift chiseled down the bespoke tailoring industry into a niche – an elite segment of designer brands, it’s not only that the highly skilled bespoke tailor-communities across the country took a hit, but also many of us, who are actually waist size 33”, were forced to settle for 32” or 34”; to say nothing of the length & fit.

There is hardly any online platform that addresses the demand for affordable made-to-measure clothing. TailorSmart Services Pvt. Ltd. – an online tailoring-services platform that custom-makes and home-delivers your garments – is reviving the good-old bespoke tailoring experience by creating an ecosystem that comprises of skilled & experienced tailors, talented designers, and a bunch of customers – men and women – who aspire perfectly fitting garments. Thanks to its relentless, affordability focused & customer-centric endeavors over the past two and a half years, the company is already revolutionizing the made-to-measure segment with custom-made blazers, casual wear, ethnic wear, designer wear, suits, trousers, and much more.

Click to Get the Fit
Take any top-tier online marketplace; the holistic customer experience, starting right from the first point of contact to the post delivery services, is the key. But when it comes to online-based bespoke tailoring, the need for affordability is something that goes without saying. TailorSmart embraces this dire need, while also ensuring that the customers throughout the entire process are never entailed to step out of their home. Indeed, customers can visit the company’s website, choose up to 15 fabrics at a time (the Master will carry these 15 fabric samples during the home visit) among the available 600+ fabrics according to their preference, and (or) select a design from a collection of designs (by new & experienced designers), and later schedule an appointment.

Once the fabric and the design is finalized by the customer, TailorSmart sends its master (tailor) to the specified customer location, enables them to experience the touch and feel of the fabric, and thus helps them decide on a fabric(s) from the online-selected 15. The master subsequently records the customer’s measurements, attach the
chosen fabric to the order, and send the link for payment, which takes customers to one of the company’s unique selling propositions – the affordability! The prices start from as low as Rs.1,700, which is inclusive of fabric, tailoring, GST and delivery. Once the payment is received, TailorSmart’s best tailors kick-start the requisite work at the backend and come back to the customer with the outfit for a free trial. After taking the final set of minor adjustments during the trial, the masters ensure to deliver the final outfit within 20 days - right at the customer’s doorstep. Within the seven days after delivery, customers are allowed to make as many changes as required, but will be charged accordingly post that. Moreover, a dedicated expert takes care of the entire operations of each product, including a meticulous quality check with great attention to the details. No wonder the company has never received a single complaint on any of its products during the last three years of its operations!

Creating an Ecosystem of the Skilled
“TailorSmart is not just about rendering affordable online tailoring services to the customers! In the backend, we operate as an integrated agile platform, bringing the whole tailoring ecosystem at one place, which includes our swarm of in-house, highly talented designers, tailors and a lot of other experts,” elucidates Pritam Onsker, Founder Director, TailorSmart. Remember, despite the burgeoning demand for made-to-measure clothing today, even the most experienced masters and tailors in India have jobs only for around six months in a year, thus struggling to make ends meet. TailorSmart supports these experienced & budding tailors and highly-talented but unsung designers with ample employment opportunities and customers respectively, and in turn holds a pool of the industry’s best freelance tailors and designers (who have even worked with the top-brands in India) with profound expertise in all segments of tailoring, making it a big win-win.

We operate as an integrated agile platform, bringing the whole tailoring ecosystem at one place, which includes our swarm of in-house, highly talented designers, tailors and a lot of other experts

TailorSmart’s Director – Pravin Zade, along with a team of dedicated masters, verifies the tailors’ skill-set, identifies gaps in their operations, and trains them in accordance with the company policy for a span of 15-30 days. Or if you are a fashion designer and feel that you have an appealing design, you can showcase it on the company’s website for free. After the requisite checks are performed, the design will be published on the website and customers can book an appointment for the same. The company immediately informs the respective designer and sends him along with one of its members to interact with the customer. This approach not only supports the budding designers with the right exposure, but also creates a wider range of options for the customers.

Making the Mark
The company is also in talks with Skill India to provide more jobs to skilled talents. Very soon, it will be expanding across nine cities in India by building its back-end team & resources, and also two cities overseas through partnerships. This year, the company experienced a double-digit growth in its revenue and manpower strength compared to last year. Embracing this influx, which includes an impressive number of repeated customers, TailorSmart has recently unveiled its new mobile application, while foraying into the made-to-measure shoes bracket is also on the cards.

Key Management:
Pritam Onsker, Founder Director

With a MDP from IIM, Ahmedabad and a Master’s Degree in Management from Pune University, Pritam imparts 15+ years of experience in Telecom & FMCG sectors, along with rich exposure in Indian and international markets.
Office: Pune
Products: Blazers, Casual Wear, Ethnic Wear, Designer Wear, Suits & Trousers