TalentBridge: Offering Stupendous Assessment Solutions Product - Calibrat

Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO,Sandip Yuwanati, Co-Founder & COO

Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO

Sandip Yuwanati, Co-Founder & COO

There have been standard hiring methods in place for most organizations, such as written examinations followed by group discussions and interviews. However, with rapidly evolving economics and globalization, it has become challenging to derive the desired outcome from such methods. The arrival of technology can help organizations screen a large pool of candidates and enable organizations to find suitable ones. TalentBridge's product, CALIBRAT, an advanced online assessment platform, enables the talent acquisition team to evaluate Aptitude, Technical Skills, Written Communication Skills, and Coding Skills. The platform has dramatically reduced the manual efforts in administering and proctoring the screening tests and nearly eliminated the possibility of evaluation errors.

CALIBRAT emerges as a sophisticated platform for various cases; Fresher/ Lateral screening, Campus screening, Employee assessments, and Entrance examinations, at a high rate. The recruiters can screen resumes using profile rating tools and randomize the questions and options for test screens. It simplifies the assessment for a reliable and accurate measure of capabilities and enables track on-screen activities of candidates during tests using CALIBRAT PROCTOR.

"CALIBRAT has been at the forefront of employing the next generation technologies to build and evolve an advanced, scalable and secure online assessment platform. It
has been continuously investing in newer technologies to keep the technology edge amongst its peers," said Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO, TalentBridge. The platform enables the provision to conduct multi-lingual online assessments, making it easier for a larger number of candidates.

Catering Efficient Use Cases
The customizable and auto-proctored online assessments of CALIBRAT reduces time, effort, and cost in screening substantially. Being an on-demand, secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution, CALIBRAT caters to different industries, a new age technological adoption that is free from paper-based assessments.

"Individual judgment on candidates tends to be subjective and is vulnerable to mistakes. Standardized assessments can be recognized as the proper way to judge candidates' skills, knowledge, and interest. It thereby provides an objective talent assessment method and a quick way to determine sustainability with regards to the desired competency," states Sandip Yuwanati, Co-Founder & COO.

The customizable and auto-proctored online assessments of CALIBRAT reduces time, effort, and cost in screening substantially

Using layered security features, CALIBRAT ensures a secure connection that establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. It allocates an alphanumeric single usage test code for every candidate, which is for sole use purposes. CALIBRAT ensures remote authentication via OTP along with facial authentication. The platform tracks the geo-location of candidates and records time logs for the assessment. It enables Test Administrator to reset/ resume on demand for better control and scheduling.

CALIBRAT has its clients and users spread across different industries in IT, FMCG, RPO, HRMS, Corporate Training, Hospitality, Advertising, and Contract Staffing. Calibrat's parent organization, TalentBridge, is associated with NSDC (National Skills Development Corporation) and conducts sector skill council specific online assessments on its platform. Besides India, CALIBRAT is active in Africa and Middle-East, and the USA.

As Gauravendra Shukla says, CALIBRAT aspires to build innovative solutions in measurement and predictive tools using some next-generation technologies. Legacy systems are gradually being replaced by which can offer enterprise-scale functionality. Today, online assessment has increasingly become core to the overall recruitment process. CALIBRAT tends to evolve as the best-suited option for companies across every industry in the forthcoming years.