Talview: Helping Organizations Test Better & Hire Faster

Sanjoe Tom Jose,Co-Founder & CEO

Sanjoe Tom Jose

Co-Founder & CEO

The method of assessing talents has undergone a sea of changes ever since the new-age technologies are enforced in its administration. HR technology players have arrogated these technologies driven tools to ameliorate the entire talent sourcing and management manoeuvres. Organizations on the other hand are embracing these new-fangled talent assessment solutions for singling out the right talent that fits their purpose. To help companies conduct efficient tests and make hiring swift and quick, Talview - an AI led company, is offering the fastest way of overseeing remote screening, interviewing, and testing of top talent and students.

Walking the industry for about a decade as a highly advanced end-to-end recruitment solution providing firm, Talview is helping its clients bring about errands such as remote recruitment, virtual campus hiring secure online university exams with remote proctoring, and more. It is also the most trusted name for comprehensive candidate assessment programs. The overarching stamp of its deliverables such as Recruitment Chabot, Online Assessments, Remote Proctoring, Live and Asynchronous Video Interviews, and Candidate Behavioural Insights have catered to the industry specific need. On the other hand, it schemes to assist organizations recreate almost any pen-and-paper assessment in an online environment including
complex STEM exams, coding, or language assessments.

"The industry is huge and the needs are miscellaneous and we are making ardent efforts to make our products scalable, robust, and suitable to all customer requisites. Our cutting-edge remote proctoring solution that ensures all the assessments are secure. Furthermore, we also have special offerings for the `mobile-first' user who expects a seamless digital communication experience with exceptional speed and convenience. We integrate seamlessly into most ATSs and LMSs to help clients automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on achieving great selection and testing results," comments Sanjoe Tom Jose, Co-Founder & CEO, Talview.

Talview is devising new measures that can help organizations execute their recruitment and assessments operations online

This AI powered candidate experience platform's genesis was planned by Sanjoe Tom Jose in the year 2012. His extensive experience in the HR Tech space and passion for engineering futuristic technologies to revolutionize the phenomenon of talent management enkindled him to institute the base of Talview. The firm has grown extensively under the supervision of Sanjoe and his prolific team. It has evolved out as the leader in the Online Assessments, Remote Proctoring and Video Interviewing space. Its remarkable contributions have earned it prestigious awards including the Microsoft's AI Awards 2.0 and Talent Culture 2020 Technology Leader. At present, it holds the record of serving all the big giants of the industry like Amazon, Sephora, HCL, Cognizant, ZS Associates, Nestle, and more. Over 2500 professionals across verticals rely on its services. "We have been catering to large enterprises, traditionally. But as we have understood how important are quality assessments solutions for the education system, we are now focussing on offering our assessments and remote proctoring solution to Educational Institutions also around the world," Sanjoe adds.

Being mindful about the current situation where the entire world has come to a virtual standstill, Talview is devising new measures that can help organizations execute their recruitment and assessments operations online without any disruption. It is on its mission of creating the most comprehensive and effective remote hiring solution in the market. "Our ultimate goal is to make our customers successful by helping them improve the critical metrics be it time to hire, cost of hire, or candidate experience. We aspire to build new technology and advance them to people across the world," he concludes.