Taurus BPO Services: Delivering Seamless Solutions & Unparalleled Performance

  Anil Sharma,   Founder & Designated  Partner

Anil Sharma

Founder & Designated Partner

The BPO industry is witnessing a surge in automation and AI integration to enhance efficiency and delivery of services. Globalization is driving the industry's growth as businesses seek cost-effective solutions for their expanding operations. Moreover, consumers face challenges such as communication gaps, language barriers, and data security concerns due to the involvement of multiple parties and the need to protect sensitive information throughout the outsourcing process. As a solution provider, Taurus BPO understands these challenges and offers effective remedies. With a focus on communication, cultural sensitivity, and robust data security measures, it ensures seamless collaboration and protects sensitive information. Its comprehensive range of BPO services, backed by process innovation and continuous improvement, enables Taurus to deliver high productivity and reliable solutions to its clients.

Taurus BPO, founded in 2015, embodies reliability, viability, and ambition. With a focus on technology, process innovation, and human effort, Taurus consistently delivers exceptional results, meeting clients' requirements and achieving high productivity levels. Taurus, a BPO company, has witnessed significant growth since its inception. The company initially began operations in Indore with a small team of 100 people, and over the years, it has grown to employ close to 2300 people across six different locations.

Operational Excellence
Taurus sets itself apart from other BPO providers through its unique approach and initiatives. While the range of services offered
may be similar, what distinguishes Taurus is its robust review mechanism and the involvement of every individual within the organization, from top to bottom. The company offers a wide range of services which includes outbound sales, collections, B2B, inbound customer support, email & chat support. The firm strives to improve productivity and ensure the best possible delivery to clients, going beyond the standard operating procedures provided by clients. By implementing different ideas and investing in processes, Taurus aims to increase productivity, instill confidence in clients, and foster growth. The company's positioning in the market is based on its commitment to performance and delivering consistent results month after month. "While competing with larger players, Taurus aims to establish itself as a mid-sized BPO that provides delivery on par with industry leaders. Its focus on going beyond client given standard operating procedures (SOPs) sets it apart from others in the market. Taurus takes the initiative to improve productivity and implement innovative ideas, investing in processes and technologies to achieve higher client satisfaction and productivity”, mentions Manish Jaiswal, Co-Founder, Taurus BPO Services.

Manish Jaiswal, Co-Founder & Designated Partner

The company is led by two promoters actively involved in operations, supported by a professional structure including a CEO, regional and vertical managers, as well as specialists in various processes. This well-structured organization ensures efficient site operations, encompassing customer deliveries, quality assurance, and all aspects of business management. Taurus has experienced significant growth over the years, with expansions both in terms of time and geographical reach. After 2017, the company began scaling up operations, opening sites in Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The strategic placement of these sites allows Taurus to cater to the pan-India requirements of clients in different languages and regions.

Road Ahead
Looking ahead, Taurus has ambitious plans for the future. It aims to increase its capacity to 5000 seats within two years and eventually become a 10,000-seater company in five years. The company's approach focuses on steady growth while prioritizing delivery and client satisfaction. “We are determined to establish a strong presence in the market and add clients only when we can ensure exceptional service and meet client expectations while delivery remains our key strength, and we intend to maintain our reputation as a reliable and high performing BPO provider”, concludes Manish.