Technosys Security Systems: Delivering One-Stop-Solution For Smart City And Intelligent Traffic Management

Neeraj Khushwaha,DirectorAccording to Mordor Intelligence, India CCTV market is expected to register a CAGR of 22.35% over the forecast period from 2021 - 2026. With a population of over a billion people and high levels of mass poverty, multiple religions, languages, and ethnicities, security is a significant threat in India. Hence, efficient CCTVs are definitely the utmost need of the hour. Also, in India, the demand for CCTVs is surging due to privacy concerns and various smart city initiatives.

Furthermore, considering the current market state, CCTV is not only confined to surveillance, but it has also widened its technology to various analytics which ultimately helps the government to carry out operations seamlessly. Moreover, with the current scenario of COVID, the urge of contact less operation has emerged the need, which ultimately opens the gate of accepting the evolving technology.

Bringing years of experience in fulfilling the needs with the optimum solution, Technosys Security Systems incepted back in 2006 with nationwide presence, from Smart Cities to national securities has been constantly focusing on the utilization of the technology to bring the best out of its solutions' deliverability.

Technosys Security Systems has been successfully offering robust security solutions under one roof with integration of various services under one roof of surveillance, right from automation of the toll plaza, informative displays, to centralized PUC system and PIDS system (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System).

"We have not only confined ourselves to surveillance, but also try to squeeze out the maximum utilization of the technology in various other sectors. As sustaining oneself in the evolving industry is not an easy task, we not only upgrade ourselves but also try to fill-in the gap of technology on paper and on the ground. Our team proactively takes initiatives to reduce that gap and give the actual output of what that technology is designed for," signifies Rakesh Dhar, Director at Technosys Security Systems.

Technosys USP lies in zeal for acceptance of new technology and to improve oneself accordingly. As in the current market where every organization is trying hard to improve the management revenue, Technosys is one of the companies which has been robustly sustaining themselves in the market, wherein, each and every employee participates in optimizing the solution regardless of their designation or its age.

The company's motto `Each Opinion Counts' eradicates that monotonous management where everybody is free to point do's and don'ts; thus helping in improving operations at each and every step.
Offering Value Added Services
Furthermore, their consultancy team provides pragmatic, independent advice and has a wide range of core skills that includes professional consultancy and project management with site surveys, system designing, cost evaluation and supervision. Also, they have been supplying world class, reliable products that have been soured from the most reputed and leading manufacturers worldwide. The company further ensures complete Installation, testing, commissioning, training of all the systems with a world class expertise. Adding to it, their after sales warranties and deliver comprehensive maintenance management of all the systems; comprehensive & non-comprehensive annual maintenance management services for all the systems.

Intelligent Traffic Management System
Technosys Security Systems has been providing a decentralized architecture for city traffic control where intersections are port-based agents; a self-adaptive system would be able to respond quickly to the changes in the road conditions, modifying signal policies and rerouting drivers to prevent congestion. Also the company's research scrutinies include distributed control architecture and optimization, inter-agent communication and driver models.

Technosys security systems has been providing a decentralized architecture for city traffic control where intersections are port-based agents; a self-adaptive system would be able to respond quickly to the changes in the road conditions, modifying signal policies and rerouting drivers to prevent congestion

Smart City Surveillance System
The company also offers a Surveillance System which is composed of Central Management or Monitoring which means that it can connect all the cameras and third party devices located at multiple locations or sites at a central hub. Through CMS, one can view, control, receive alerts and notifications from any camera or third party device, located anywhere in the system and take proactive decisions. Mobile video surveillance has gained immense popularity because of its adaptability which permits better security for buses, trucks and automobiles on public roads.

A Journey Towards Excellence
The company's main pillars Mr. Neeraj Khushwaha and Mr Rakesh Dhar together have been working from ground zero since 2006. Regardless of being directors, they are completely involved in each and every project from scratch. Working from small projects, the company's first milestone was in 2008, when they started catering to the government sector. Since then, there was no looking back. Their biggest breakthrough was in 2016 when they implemented surveillance for Madhya Pradesh's 50 Cities under one roof. From that moment, they also started offering Integrated Traffic Management Systems (ITMS) and till date, they are in 11 ITMS projects.

"We deliver 24x7x365 days service with the physical as well as virtual presence to resolve the problems. A dedicated team has been aligned who is in contact with the client to sort out every query faced by the client," explains Neeraj Khushwaha, Director at Technosys Security Systems.

"We have been currently working on contact less operations. Our organization is more likely to be employee driven rather than office driven. Thus our employees are more likely to be engaged in work done rather than showing their presence. Moreover, the support from management in giving them freedom to explore new ways in completion of work rather than making various non-implemented protocols, which increases our reachability and potential to serve better," he adds.

Company Founded: 2006

Key Person: Mr Neeraj Khushwaha (Director), Mr. Rakesh Dhar (Director), Mr. Shailesh Kumar (Director)

No. of Employees: 330 Employees
Headquarter & other offices: Reg. Off. 7047/4, Rameshwari Nehru Nagar, New Delhi-110005A: E-5/A girish kunj near arera petrol pump Bhopal, India Pin code-462016