Technowin Solutions: Increasing Accountability and Productivity through Innovative HRMS and Attendance Management Systems

M.Pandey, Yogendra Asher & Jitendra Asher,Co-FoundersEmployees are the greatest asset of an organization they're a firm’s competitive advantage. But the biggest problem of industry is companies lacking proper vision of HR departments for coming years and sooner or later, they struggle to cope with business expansions, employee growth, technology implementation and advancement. Incompatibility of attendance hardware and software and interrupted data flow from centralised server are some of the pain points suffered by the companies today. To tackle these issues, many organizations are switching to more automated biometric attendance systems which offer greater accuracy, efficiency and transparency for employee maintenance. Understanding the need of the hour and addressing the challenge at hand is Technowin Solutions Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in Human Resource Management Software Solution(HRMS)Payroll Software & Attendance Solution.

An innovative leader, Technowin is recognized for providing HR, payroll and attendance management systems and outsourcing services. M.S.Pandey and Yogendra, Founder of Technowin Solutions says, “Companies have never been serious about attendance function, shift management, configuring attendance policy, pushing the real
time attendance of the employees and so on and consequently, they end up in huge losses both in terms of time & money. Many times, hardware vendors, they tie-up with would not provide adequate software development support. Technowin’s aim is to bring regulations and streamline the process across organization by providing higher integrity and productivity for working hours thus delivering uncompromised accuracy in payroll and attendance management.”

Technowin is the leading supplier for biometric time and attendance devices and systems. With a blend of intelligent algorithms and advanced technology, their fingerprint technology has been navigating companies in India and world¬wide to a competitive edge. “Our research team is constantly devising innovative methods to address the needs of corporate in Real time attendance data both on Push and Pull Technology directly from the attendance device, biometrics, RFID and face recognition. Company’s biometric systems can be used in offices, homes, warehouses and factories. Wrong practices like buddy punching, billing irregularities, and irregular shifts are effectively curbed by our innovative system,” Yogendra quoted.

Technowin provides all types of attendance solution including Attendance Device, Access Control & Security Services. Their flagship product, ETimeTracker & Scheduler is a tool to automatically pull Attendance Log from various attendance devices installed at multiple locations across the globe and seamlessly integrates with HR/Payroll/ERP Database for Real-Time Attendance Monitoring. Being one of the major business verticals of the company, Technowin’s HR and Accounting Outsourcing services people, processes and technology for
clients with fully defined accountability and SLA. They also carry out software development, implementation and provide support for payroll and HR management software and services both on cloud as well as on premise model for organization of any size.

Established in 1999, as a small proprietorship firm, today, Technowin has grown by leaps and bounds from a group of payroll experts to a large Pvt. Ltd company in 2008. Pandey shares “Today, Technowin has over 3000 Clients and out of that 900 plus comes from enterprise segment and mid- size corporates. Our clientele covers all segments of business including, Retail, Manufacturing, Service, Engineering, IT and ITES. Technowin is proud of serving clients like Offshore Infrastructure Limited, Smaaash, Laxmi Organics, Bisleri, Donear Industries, Gulf Air, Inox Air Products Ltd, Gini& Jony, Mandhana Industries, Suashish Diamonds and many more. We are proud to mention that Techno win has more than 90 percent of Client retention.”

The visionary founder, Mr.Pandey& Mr.Yogendra con¬siders customer loyalty, innovations and flawless service as major factors contributed to the success of this ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Mr. Pandey says, “Company has evolved from two people organisation to 100 people organisation in a span of 10 years. We provide various employee training programs and engage our teams on various discussions and sessions to inculcate innovation in both product and working environment. Moving ahead, Technowin focuses on inventing the best attendance solutions and envisages becoming the ‘Leader in HRMS and Attendance Management Software’.”