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Tarun PK,Founder

Tarun PK


A one of its kind portal dedicated to publishing the latest news related to technology and telecom sector is what aptly describes Telecomtalk. A premier and credible provider of the latest news and analysis on the Indian telecommunication industry, Telecomtalk for the last ten years has catered to the gap which has existed between the blogs which solely publish content related to developments in telecom and the portals which solely specialize in technology. “With Telecomtalk, we have bridged the gap in between by publishing a balanced blend of content from all related domains of technology and telecom, this way ensuring that our readers do not have to fiddle with many sources in the search of exclusively drafted news,” informs Tarun P.K., Founder. Telecomtalk website has around 5 million monthly page views in which most of the readers are from India. Along with this, they have recently started mobile alerts for users and so far, 467,920,718 users have used their alerts to read breaking stories.
Telecomtalk posts breaking news, interviews, analysis, policy developments and in-depth reports on a daily basis. The portal covers news ranging from device launches, joint ventures, research reports, mergers and acquisitions, launch of new tariff plans and any other business and market development. The team regularly interacts with the decision makers in telecom companies and handset vendors to bring forth the major happenings in the telecom and mobile industry.

Telecomtalk website has around 5 million monthly page views in which most of the readers are from India

“It is all about the equivalence which we establish between the content from all areas of telecom and tech. It is our motto that readers who visit our website should get all the related information which they need at one place. Therefore, we strive for consistency and publish all the needed and latest updates from telecom and technology industry, thus bringing the best of both worlds to a single spot,” mentions Tarun.

A Common Choice among the Readers
In a tech-savvy generation, with so many websites publishing content
on a daily basis, readers are often confronted with a difficult choice of visiting different websites for gathering information and news on different industries. “Often people who like to read news on the telecom sector are also interested in reading articles about the tech domain. We try to bring the latest and most useful news from both the domains together and then present them all at one place for the readers,” says Tarun. The portal publishes news on every telecom related domain and ensures that they produce quality content along with pushing appropriate amount of news article every day.

The Telecom talk team considers demarcation of authenticity and the trustworthiness of the news source to be imperative. And to retain the authenticity of news published in the website, the editors and content writers make sure that the content is neither misleading nor does it represent any manipulated information. The team makes a thorough fact check from multiple sources to verify the truthfulness of the information.

Actively followed by around 328866 across various social media, team Telecomtalk on the verge of developing a mobile-friendly platform along with lots of new features first of its kind for the growing population. Evolving to be a self-sustainable entity, the mission of Telecomtalk still remains to cater to the readers who want to have easy access to news related to technology and telecom industry.