Telecon Systems: Providing Accurate & Actual Calibration Results via its Certified Calibration Lab

Rakesh Kumar Chopra,Founder & CEO

Rakesh Kumar Chopra, Founder & CEO

Majority of customers receive calibration results which closely follow the instrument specifications but, when applied to the process, results do not match the process conditions. This is because calibration procedure has not been followed properly. Poorly calibrated instruments not only affect every aspect of business, from safety to productivity to quality of work, but also result in waste of time, resources and manpower in operation process while costing heavy loss to business.

Both aforementioned conditions engender prodigious demand for certified & accredited calibrations labs, and one such lab is offered by Telecon Systems. The company has crafted NABL accredited calibration lab for the entire range of pressure & temperature parameters, including full vacuum to 700 bars & Ambient Temp to 650°C, thereby fulfilling the need of precision calibration. The lab performs calibration of nearly 25,000-30,000 instruments of various types every year worldwide. “We have recently added Temperature range of -40°C to ambient temp (useful for hotels, hospitals & refrigeration industry) and trying to acquire NABL accreditation for this range as well.
Our CMC for Pressure & Temperature are almost the best in the market,” adds Rakesh Kumar Chopra, Founder & CEO, Telecon Systems.

"Telecon Systems has crafted NABL accredited calibration lab for the entire range of pressure & temperature parameters, including full vacuum, thereby fulfilling the need of precision calibration"

Standing tall on its team’s (engineers, quality controller and others) several decades of experience in calibrating any kind of instruments, Telecon Systems plays an instrumental part in this new calibration revolution. It takes sector & customer to a whole new realm of imparting accurate & actual calibration results, wherein latest state-of-the-art equipments and ambient conditions of the calibration lab are properly maintained in order to achieve the best calibration result. Apart from using reference instruments from Fluke, GE Druck, Omega, Pyrotech & Nagman with latest technologies, high accuracy & resolution, and CMC levels, Telecon manages repair facility to renovate the defective instruments and then perform calibration. This distinct approach yields better results and more productivity.

Atop, all instruments are calibrated in the controlled lab environment and valid only in the same ambient conditions but strict quality surveillance guarantee total compliance to NABL guidelines. Further, this Noida-based firm also performs site calibration under NABL accreditation and follows updated & IEC 17025 standards. The lab staffs are extensively trained and are experienced in
their line of trade whereas quality control associates ascertain strict compliance to the norms for better outcomes. All employees are frequently sent to seminars & conferences for upgradation of their knowledge. They are also deputed for trainings to manufacturers & training institutions like ERTL.

The Next Level
Telecon Systems commenced its operations in 1992 from Noida with a lucid vision to provide total solution under one roof – starting from design engineering, supply, installation, testing/calibration, commissioning & post-warranty maintenance services/annual contracts in the area of instrumentation, electrical and automation including wireless & web-based systems for oil/petrochemical, nuclear, thermal and others. Owing to its intensive dedication, training & experience, and hardworking employees, the company today commands the market in India, Middle East countries, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Bhutan & Nepal, and envisions expanding its new business vertical northwards in coming years. This new business division grants real-time web-based water monitoring for water distribution schemes for cities and small towns and wireless warning systems for flood monitoring and alerts and any other warning messages for masses. “We are planning to add electrical parameters, weight/mass & dimensions in our range of calibration. After inclusion of these new parameters, we are expecting a growth of 45 percent (turnover) and be one of the leaders in the sector,” concludes Rakesh.