Texfab Group: Transforming the Dyeing Machinery Space with Green Innovations

G M Shenoy,Managing Director

G M Shenoy

Managing Director

Mohini Health & Hygiene, a health and hygiene company dealing with processing of raw cotton, trading in cotton yarn and textile fabric, was looking to setup a plant for bleaching high quantities of cotton fibres for medical cotton. The BSE enlisted organization entrusted Texfab Engineers, a manufacturer of textile dyeing machines, and stainless steel fabrication, with the responsibility. Texfab’s expert team rendered a complete plant with a capacity of 30 tons/day to the client making it the biggest such plant in South Asia and South East Asia. The plant’s produce is today mostly exported to Europe and the facility has achieved high quality standards for its products and the lowest water and power consumption standards in the industry.

This is not an isolated example as the Mumbai-based organization has carved a niche in the market for producing best in breed, energy efficient dyeing machines for various kinds of fibres, yarns and fabrics. The company has earned a nod of approval from a long list of prestigious clients which includes names such as Modern Group, Welspun Group, Raymond Group, Ideal Fasteners, Tex corp Group, Sky Industries, Perfect Arrangers, Oxford Group, Natraj Wooltex, and Precot Meridian.

Founded by a group of professionals experienced in manufacturing textile dyeing machines and stainless steel fabrication, the firm is today known for building machines based on the latest technical know-how, with regards to economic efficiency, liquor circulation and dye exhaustion. Incepted in 1992, the company has diversified into manufacturing and selling of a wide range of products and achieved a turnover of over Rs.120 million in the last financial year.

The Metamorphosis
Built-on the foundation of reliability and quality, Texfab’s ability to evolve with the times has helped the company come a long way. The year 1992 saw Texfab Engineers India being established as a fabricator of SS/M.S road tankers and manufacturer of accessories of textile dyeing machines. The firm moved on to manufacturing rapid jet dyeing machines & low liquor U jet dyeing machines in 1993/94 and sold about 20 machines in the next four years.

Moving ahead with the evolving technology and demands of the market, the company started manufacturing High Temperature High Pressure or HTHP vertical yarn dyeing machine in 1994. The machine moved on to become and still remains Texfab’s flagship product. Building on the same technology, the firm next moved to manufacturing HTHP Horizontal tubular yarn dyeing machine in 1996. It was the very first company to do so with air pad systems and unique variable loading system. In the year1998, Texfab added centrifuge hydro extractors for dyed yarn packages and fabrics in its list of products. The firm has thus made several models for different applications, including fully automatic ones.

Moving on to the other requirements of the dyeing industry, the company made autoclaves for heat setting and conditioning of yarns in 2000; machines for continuous dyeing &
finishing of narrow width fabrics in 2006 and spool dyeing machines for Velcro in 2008. Texfab then moved on to manufacturing hot air dryer for dyed yarn packages in 2010 and made RF (Radio frequency)dryer for yarn packages and loose fibre with conveyor belts in 2012.

"Built on the foundation of reliability and quality, Texfab’s ability to evolve with the times has helped the company come a long way"

Manufacturing Reliable Devices
Capturing the trust of clients across a span of years is as good as achieving a Herculean feat. However, by amalgamating design & manufacturing innovations reliability in performance and efficient after sales service, Texfab has cracked the code for becoming a client’s go to partner. Additionally, the Texfab team identifies customer needs well in advance and delivers on the same accordingly. “Owing to harsh environmental condition in most textile process houses and insufficient attention paid to preventive maintenance, a major area of concern for our clients pertains to automation and sensors,” explains G M Shenoy, Managing Director, Texfab. Answering these concerns, the company’s flagship offering is HTHP yarn dyeing machines. Other than them, Texfab’s other products are related to the different processes in yarn wet processing. Relying on indigenously developed yet latest technologies for design, manufacturing and testing of its products, Texfab produces high quality machines for its clients and sold more than 600 machines so far.

Keeping quality of the machines at the top of the requirements, the company manufactures all its products in its own plant, which has all facilities for fabrication and machining of the products. The group has two manufacturing units at different locations surrounding Mumbai and is well equipped with sophisticated machinery and competent skilled workforce. A team of experienced engineers are capable of handling all activities from design, manufacturing, quality assurance, application, installation and commissioning of the machines. The firm also relies on the regular vendors/sub-contractors who execute the work under the Texfab team’s supervision and quality control. Additionally, the firm strictly maintains and adheres to all necessary safety check points and has obtained ISO 9001 – 2015, ISO 14001-2015 & OHSAS 18001 – 2007 certifications.

Making things easier for its clients, the firm renders machine operation and maintenance instructions & training to the operators at the time of installation & commissioning of machine and thereafter as and when required. With the interest of its clients at heart, the company has designed its entire business lifecycle to facilitate a satisfying client experience. Not only do the Texfab products carry on one year warranty period, but the firm’s services are offered beyond the warranty period as well. Believing-in providing excellent after sales service to its clients, the company ensures client satisfaction at every step.

Finding Green Solutions
The technically sound organization is also environmentally aware. Knowing well that the textile dyeing industry is one of the largest consumers of water and contributors of wastewater pollution, Texfab has actively worked on finding solutions to make their machines more environment friendly. In 2015, the firm began R&D on eco-friendly low liquor ratio yarn dyeing machines and started its commercial sale in 2017. As a consequence, Texfab has been
able to reduce the consumption of water, chemicals, heat energy and electric power by more than 50 percent as compared to conventional dyeing machines. The additional savings in operating cost due to these feature make this new machine free of know-how within a year and has become a big hit with the customers. This has also resulted in great reduction in water and air pollution.

The green company is further working on improving the efficiency and quality of its machines by incorporating more automation and reducing water and energy consumption in its working. “Textile dyeing is considered as one of the most water polluting industries and hence reduction in water requirement for this sector is very important,” explains Shenoy.

"With the interest of its clients at heart, Texfab has designed its entire business lifecycle to facilitate a satisfying client experience"

The ambitious organization is progressing fast now and targeting a sales turnover of Rs.150 million in this financial year. “There is good demand for our machines in both domestic and export markets and it is possible to reach Rs.500 million turn over in next five years if the space constraints can be overcome,” adds an optimistic Shenoy. Not the one to be content with sustained growth, the Texfab team is innovating in terms of generating heat recovery from effluent wastewater. The said product will be launched this year and will have a payback period of less than a year. In keeping with its green agenda, the firm aims to develop products and processes for effluent water treatment, waste heat recovery and using solar heat in textile processing. Keeping its best foot forward Texfab is sauntering towards transforming the textile dyeing industry.

Key Management:
G M Shenoy, Managing Director
G M Shenoy leads Texfab Engineers India in manufacturing state-of-the-art dyeing machines through latest technical know-how in economic efficiency, liquor circulation and dye exhaustion.

Office: Navi Mumbai (HQ)
Flagship Products:
. HTHP Vertical Dyeing Machines: Texfab manufactures a full range of vertical dyeing machine of capacities up to 1500 kgs per batch for all kinds of textile materials like cotton, polyester, wool, acrylic, nylon, viscose and many others with lowest liquor ratio of 1:2 to 1:4 and lowest power consumption.

Application: Used for pre-treatment, bleaching, dyeing and after treatment of packages, bobbins, beams loose fibre tops, muffs, hanks and many others with appropriate material carriers.

. HTHP Horizontal Tubular Dyeing Machines: Texfab has designed & developed economical and eco-friendly Horizontal tubular type dyeing machine for capacities from 20 kgs to 320 kgs per batch (up to 16 tubes)

Application: The machine is suitable for dyeing all types of yarn in package form. It is also suitable for dyeing zippes tapes, small width fabrics & warp beams.

. HTHP Horizontal Yarn Package Dyeing Machines: Texfab manufactures horizontal yarn package dyeing machines with vertical spindle carrier and fabric beam dyeing machines with the lowest liquor ratio.

. Hot Air dryer for dyed yarn packages.
. Radio frequency (Rf) dryer for yarns & fibre.
. Centrifuge Hydroextractor for yarn packages & fabric ropes.
. Dye springs used as package centre for yarn dyeing.