The Altitude Store: Itemizing Organic Food from Frozen Racks to Farm-Fresh Baskets

Experiencing the shortcomings in using chemical fertilizers, organic farming has gained epic momentum at the epicenters of green revolution like Punjab, Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh. Despite having the agricultural surplus from the largest organic farmlands, the rate of adoption in the Indian market has been slow, where Indians consume less than one percent of world’s total organic produce. In such a nascent market, Ayesha Grewal acted as the kingpin in creating market value for every produce from the organic farms by displaying an attractive range of products in her The Altitude Store.

Overarching Range of Products
Ayesha’s family had been into organic farming since 1991, when the certification for farming could only be obtained from IMO Switzerland. Following her father’s footsteps, she, as a new generation farmer, has introduced a range of exotic and rare greens in the field. Ayesha says, “We startedoff in 2009 with 118 products and now have close to 3000 products. We receive about 700 kg of fresh produce every day. Altitude is the largest organic food store in North India”. How? After repeated trials, she sets the protocol for each crop, distributes the seeds & saplings to hundreds of other small scale organic farmers under her care, and the fresh harvest is daily delivered to The Altitude Store consumers.

The product range comprises of all daily needs (vegetables, pulses, oils & spices) to fine food items, including breakfast cereals, bakery, poultry, dairy, seafood (the Andaman & Nicobar Islands) and more. The store owns an inhouse kitchen certified by FSSAI, to cook up gourmet items, special mention for its unique organic Jamunpie (developed in conjunction with I Am Hot, one of the artisan companies that Altitude is incubating), which is popularizing organic food beyond the ‘fad’ community to foodies of Delhi. Its chefs are adding more gourmet items like flavored tarts, pies, signature granola and more. Ayesha adds, “We also work with excellent
artisan cheese makers, make our own sausages, bacon, burgers, sourdough & breads, and have developed a range of vegan and gluten free products all made from organic ingredients from our stores”.

We work with excellent artisan cheese makers, and have developed a range of vegan and gluten free products all made from organic ingredients from our stores

The surplus seasonal fruits and veggies reaching the store are utilized in making jams, juices, purees, pickles and more. Each item is packed in glass jars, following a no plastic policy and is listed on their website, from where the residents can select and order online to get their supplies at their doorstep, handled exclusively by its inhouse delivery team. The Altitude Store is a persistent innovator who recently added a range of gluten free products, ready-to-eat items, vegan yogurts and Indian sweets for the festive season.
Ayesha Grewal,Founder
Building a Better Future
The Altitude Store has a profarmer policy, wherein it encourages low income farmers (predominantly from Uttarakhand area) to grow high income crops and purchases from them at substantially higher prices. Since many small farmers growing honest organic produce often cannot afford formal certification, the store runs an on field inspection with a set of confirmation tests which are sensitive enough to detect 97 different synthetic agro chemicals.

Ayesha concludes, “Growing at a CAGR of 8.4 percent, we have been fortunate in terms of the trust bestowed upon us by consumers. We plan to collaborate with other organic farmers & suppliers and open stores in Delhi NCR to levitate the nascent industry”.