Thermowaste Solutions: Striving to Lead India towards a Sustainable Future

Sanyam Jain,Chief Operations Director

Sanyam Jain

Chief Operations Director

India, being the second most populated country in the world, inevitably generates an extremely high amount of waste, which is directly proportional to the population of the country. Contributing its bit towards a Greener and Cleaner India, Thermowaste Solutions is a recycling and waste management company that undertakes collection of waste items to meet sustainability and energy goals. Set up by Shantilal Jain and his wife, Hema Jain, Thermowaste Solutions has now been succeeded by his son Sanyam Jain and daughter Bhagyashree Bhansali who hold Chief Operations Director and Director positions respectively in the company.

A renowned firm in its domain, Thermowaste Solutions not only collects waste but also operates an inhouse recycling facility, which is one of its key activity that sets it apart from the other waste management companies. The company has set up its operations in multiple cities and is not confined to any one state. The company also strives to reach out to the new generation and make them aware of how simple yet crucial it is to keep the environment clean. "In industrial waste recycling, suppose there is a plant manufacturing refrigerator, the companies have to source many parts for the refrigerator. Thermowaste Solutions offers its services by visiting these plants and segregating them using all kinds of waste sorting techniques", says Sanyam Jain, Chief Operations Director, Thermowaste Solutions.

Thermowaste solutions also collects wastes from industries and brings them to its plant for waste management or recycling purposes, as per waste material, which in a way ensures zero waste generation. The company is helping informal markets as well, for example, it is associated with Ghazipur fish market vendors and ensures that the humongous amount of thermocol waste being generated the fish market is cleaned and recycled on daily basis. Thermowaste solutions is also associated with Ghaziabad, East Delhi and Noida residents so that the thermocol and other waste generated by these households can be recycled.

Bhagyashree Bhansali, Director

"We are also developing different kinds of APIs and working with brands to create a system in which the customers of these brands send back the plastic packaging used in the products back to the brand, and later we can collect it, in this manner the brand can become plastic neutral. "We provide an easy to integrate API for e-commerce businesses, to create a plastic positive takeout option" shares Bhagyashree Bhansali, Director, Thermowaste Solutions

aspire to “zero waste to landfill” by recycling and reusing leftover trash to produce renewable fuels

In 2019, Thermowaste started working with the Old Monk, a historic brewery in India, which has its plant located near Delhi. Thermowaste streamlined their waste products in a step by step procedure, specifying how they can store it and then segregate it, and created a complete setup for them which was highly appreciated by Old Monk through a letter of appreciation from the CEO of Old Monk.

Chief operations director, Sanyam Jain, concludes by explaining their plans of expansion throughout the country as well as globally, looking into markets in the United Kingdom and involving operations on national research in the there to understand the suitable infrastructure to be offered.