Tick Softwares: Unique Production ERP with Tally Integration

V K Bansal,Founder

V K Bansal


An organization's ERP system plays a crucial role in shaping the company's growth; it not only stream-lines the business process but also helps to achieve efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Today most of small and mid-sized businesses do their work on tally software for accounting parameters. But their operation activates are using pen and paper or excel-based processes which make them inefficient and also deliberate fraud. Tick Softwares Limited, headquartered in Delhi, help small and mid-sized businesses replace pen and paper or excel based working with a centralized digital business platform that is cost-effective and affordable for any SME's.

"TICK, an exclusive Production ERP is India's first pre-developed plug n play production ERP with tally and other accounting software integration which caters batch, continuous, and discreet process of production. It has been specially designed for those SMEs which use accounting software like Tally and other accounting software etc and need to care their manufacturing-related operations. The uniqueness of TICK is its user's friendly configuration and zero efforts to implement which other ERP takes months together", explains V K Bansal, Founder, Tick Softwares.
Comprehensive Inventory Management Features
TICK has production ERP with Tally Integration software, its centralized digital business platform and integration with all departments like sales, purchase, production, quality, store, and account. The company's import-ant features include Store & Inventory Management, Production Management, Procurement Management, Sales Management, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Quality Control, Approval System, barcode module, Job Work Management, Tally Integration, multi dashboard, MIS Reports and much more. Additionally, every quarter the company shares the knowledge document as well as upgrade version on YouTube video to the existing clients for updates in technology.

The uniqueness of TICK is its user's friendly configuration and zero efforts to implement which other ERP takes months together

Furthermore, TICK provides powerful inventory management features to help the businesses to manage multiple warehouses, track shipments, automatically reorder products, and stock transfer to locations. Following this, TICK has a client in Ludhiana who is having a turnover exceeding INR 400 Crores. They were earlier using in-house developed ERP, and for technical support they had two IT managers costing more than 1.25 lacs per month. The company replaced their home-developed ERP with Tick product which cost them less than INR 2 lakhs. They saved money in two counts ­ firstly, they saved in manpower cost in just 2 months. Secondly by using the ready made software they could get certain additional features too. With such efficient, TICK has more than 1000 installations which itself a success story. And the company has also won Best SME's manufacturing ERP software for SME's Industries in 2016.

Founded in 2015, TICK was set up by a brilliant team of NIT, CA, MCA Graduates and MBA who looks after partner development. TICK provides the finest combination for any SME as the company offers production ERP which can be integrated with any accounting software like Tally and Busy. This way TICK has a great opportunity to cater this high potential area. Moreover, TICK is being sold through partners and empowers its partners with all technical and product support in process of enhancing partners' networks across the nation. However in near future, the company will cater foreign market on cloud version and by 2020 TICK will be able to offer its services in European Market too.