TradeRunner: Robust Inventory Management Solution to Help You Handle Your Business like a Charm

Romit Bhandari,CEO & Founder

Romit Bhandari

CEO & Founder

The days where businesses used paper and pen to track the inventory are gone, and the process has migrated to digital solutions using systems based on barcodes or RFID. Currently, businesses seek for inventory management software that can operate several inventories under a single roof in a robust interface, leaving the business owner to focus on their core business operations. When stock levels continuously fluctuate with the changing supply and demand throughout the year, inventory management software can keep the risk of human error far away by automating the key business processes. TradeRunner, established in the year 2019, provides inventory management services for SMEs to assist them with managing their inventory, sales orders and purchases. The company delivers software that is especially built to eliminate the obstacles in the efficient tracking of inventory and orders.

TradeRunner has fastened a B2B ecommerce plug-in along with its software, which enables customers to place order unlike the conventional methods. The user friendly appeal of the platform works efficiently after the initial configurations that consumes less time. The software enables product/ inventory to get imported seamlessly via CSV upload, and also initiates a space for creating
product variants based on the colour and size with customizable values. TradeRunner provides automatic adjustment of stock values for product variants based on the sales orders fulfilled and purchase orders received. Apart from enabling flexible variant options for pack quantities, it also permits printing, invoicing, packing, billing and shipping of orders in few clicks. When advancements hit retail, inventory services are a usual tar-get for change. With the B2B ecommerce feature, customers of enterprises (using TradeRunner) get to create orders on their own through the TradeRunner B2B portal, thereby eliminating unnecessary communications in placing a single order. Orders are tracked in their right statuses that start with orders being finalized, and then ready for invoicing, packing and shipping. Moreover, returning orders can also be tracked to draw a complete picture. "We have found wholesalers thrilled to see our B2B ecommerce portal, as it solves the problems for them including the obsolete way of taking orders over phone or using Excel to manage the inventory and orders", says Romit Bhandari, CEO, TradeRunner. The software platform has been integrated with sales channels of Shopify and Amazon.

TradeRunner provides automatic adjustment of stock values for product variants based on the sales orders fulfilled and purchase orders received

By integrating the data seamlessly with sales and ac-counting channels, orders and products can be synced from the ecommerce store created in Shopify or Amazon seller account, where the inventory could be better managed for proper clarity and decision making. It also can be exported to the accounting software like QuickBooks, syncing sales and accounts without any fuss. The build-in sales report by product, variant and customer can help in identifying successful and failing products/ variants. The inventory reports produced help in tracking stock levels better, and for advanced replenishments in time. TradeRunner is looking forward to adding extra features such as part-order return and multiple currencies, to make the software more robust for retailers and wholesalers, and also have plans to distribute the software to manufacturers as well. Romit contemplates that the year 2020 will bring more registered customers that surpass the current count of 50+ registered customers. The company is currently vying for Indian as well as European customers.