Transconseil Logistics: Transcending Logistics Barriers with Flexible & Bespoke Solutions

As it represents a significant part of several countries’ GDP,international trade is indispensable. Albeit its massive presence since middle ages, the economic social, and political importance of trade saw a significant surge only in recent decades industrialization globalization, technological advancement and outsourcing being the key factors. But, this rise is not without compromise! Towering fuel costs, driver shortage & retention issues, burdensome government & environmental regulations, and soaring sums for technology strategy & implementation proved to be chaotic barriers in cargo industry. Consequently, companies began to compromise either on price or quality to maintain profits. Addressing this problem, Mooliyal Sivadas (Managing Director) established Transconceil Logistics in 2004 with a vision to provide feasible, quality and hassle-free cargo services to customers. With the help of his lean team, he single handedly built the network and client portfolio that the company leverages today.

Leveraging his five decades of shipping experience, Mooliyal aims to shed a new light on logistics through Transconceil’s flexible and bespoke services with no country, transportation type or cargo acting as a barrier. Its unique ability to think on its feet, especially under unexpected circumstances is what keeps it ahead of competitors. “Ability to jump hurdles and handle all challenges regardless of the time and geography is our biggest strength. This helps in cutting costs and maximizing client satisfaction,” asserts Mooliyal. “We are trying to optimize this industry by valuing time and just overall ease in shipping goods across the globe,” he further adds.

Delivering Consignments, Door-to-Door
Innovative, informative and intuitive, the firm is equipped with facilities like ocean air & sea-air freight,customs & clearance handling, local transport, imports & exports, and FCL &
Mooliyal Sivadas, Managing Director,Aarathi Sivadas, Business Development

LCL cargo to add momentum to client’s supply chain across different time zones and business hubs. The flagship door-to-door solutions offering facilities from pickup, transport to clearance at both origin and destination, proves Transconceil is a true 360 degree logistics provider. This is how the company has been serving some big names akin to Mitsubishi Elevators and Escalators, Veera Buses, Toshiba Elevators and Narayana Hrudalaya.

Ability to jump hurdles and handle all challenges regardless of the time and geography is our biggest strength

Expanding Territories Implementing Technologies
A robust and high end technology forms the backbone of the firm, facilitating diverse operations of its wide network of over 48 offices, 1000 employees, 100 GPS enabled trucks and eight warehouses around the globe. Following the standard industry guidelines, Transconseil implements a completely automated back end system that provides security intel to the team. This ensures well being of both crew and consignment. Further, digital initiatives like smarter tracking, data assimilation, and digitized products have enriched user experience and raised expectations.

Acknowledging the digital era Transconseil is working on tying all its services with a digitized system. Digitization, which has been the company’s KPI, is always a top priority and thus is tying-up all its services together using this thread. Even, partners are prioritized based on the degree of automation they implement in their solutions! Shining at handling the entire chain Transconseil is working on ideas that can potentially revolutionize the industry.