Transwater Systems: Providing Economical Water Treatment Solutions with Least Environmental Impact

 Vikas Brahmavar,  Founding Director

Vikas Brahmavar

Founding Director

The global water treatment systems market size was valued at USD 23.80 billion in 2016 and is expected to register a CAGR of 7.1 percent by 2025.This growth can be attributed to the increasing water pollution levels, increasing urban population, and rising health awareness. Over the last century, industrialization has significantly contributed to polluting rivers and lakes, especially in urban areas. Unsupervised dumping of chemical substances and debris from construction activity has rendered rivers and lakes unfit for use. Water treatment systems play an important role in safeguarding human life from health threats. Headquartered in Bangalore, Transwater Systems stepped into the industry with a vision to provide the most unique water treatment solutions.

A renowned Water Treatment service provider, Transwater implies transforming any quality of feed water to any desired water quality. Formerly known as Blorebuy, Transwater Systems is focused on offering the best and economical water treatment solutions with least Environmental impact. “Transwater Systems offers different solutions to treat incoming water be it borewell
water or municipal water for villas, apartments, commercial establishments or industries. Transwater Systems is also capable of providing a water treatment solution for specific water quality required by other manufacturing industries. Our commercial drinking water solutions are widely used across hotels, central kitchens, hospitals, and educational Institutions.” Says Vikas Brahmavar,Founding director, Transwater Systems.

“In the competitive market our customers cannot afford to have longer downtime, to overcome that we are adding value to our products by integrating IoT solutions to monitor our systems for predictive maintenance and reduced downtime which makes our customer happy,” says Gowthaman Desingh, Technical director,Transwater Systems.

Further, the firm also offers a revolutionary solution ‘BOSON White Water’for apartment complexes to convert sewage treated water to drinking water. Large apartment associations which already have an existing STP are looking to adopt innovative ways to reuse treated STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) water, however, due to the odor and nonconformance issues; they end up disposing of the most quantity of treated STP water. Transwater Systems has innovative systems which convert treated STP treated water to potable water which meets the drinking water standard.

Incepted in the year 2010, Transwater has as many as 550+ clients across the country; some of the famous names include RMZ builders, Soul Space Arena, Vakil builders and many more. “At Transwater Systems, we believe in
giving solutions rather than products. We analyze or request the complete water analysis report before recommending any product. We design our solutions keeping least wastewater, power, chemical and cost for treatment in mind. We strongly believe innovation has to happen both at the technology and business front so that our customer gets benefited. Our latest solution BOSON White Water system which converts STP treated water to potable water started getting traction among many apartment residents as they see it will help them in attaining the sustenance in terms of water. On top of that, our CAPEX model is well received among the residents as this will reduce the significant cost which they need to spend an initial investment on the system.

Gowthaman Desingh
Technical director

Transwater is focusing on the International Certification of National and International markets for the indigenous product exports. With a 25 percent growth rate every year, the firm also aspires to be the best Water Treatment solution provider for any water quality issue. With a positive outlook, Transwater Systems desires to spread its wings across south India in the years to come to create value for stakeholders and customers.