Tranter: Conserving Energy and Improve Thermal Control

Ganesh Gopal ,Managing Director

Ganesh Gopal

Managing Director

Plate heat exchangers are widely accepted equipment for various enduser applications, due to their high thermal efficiency enabling significant heat recover in energy intensive processes. Moreover, increasing industrial operations in developing countries is one of the major factors propelling the demand for heat exchangers. Headquartered in Plano, Dallas in Texas (USA),Tranter is a globalengineering and manufacturing group specializing in thermal management in power plant, oil & gas, sugar & alcohol, chemical processing, auto ancillaries, metal, HVAC, food & beverage, pharma, textile and various other industries. The company is strongly committed to expansion and leadership in all aspects of the plate heat exchanger business. Tranter manufactures among the widest ranges of highly efficient Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers(GPHE)and Welded Plate Heat Exchangers (WPHE)in the world.

“Tranter India is a part of the Tranter Group one of the largest manufacturers of Plate heat exchangers in the world for 85 years. We strive to attain market leadership by applying a three-part philosophy: investing in R&D to maintain a competitive edge, providing customized products with a solution driven approach and supporting its customers’ lifecycle investments through quality parts & service”, said Ganesh Gopal, Managing Director, Tranter India.
Heat Exchanger Products and Services
Over the years, Tranter has developed an array of performance driven conventional Gasketed Plate Heat Ex changers, Shell & Plate Welded Heat Exchangers, Spiral Heat Exchangers and Prime surface Heat Exchangers. Also Tranter’s new Thermofit plate patterns brings in new meaning to optimized heat transfer and pressure drop. The close temperature approach of exchangers with tall plates enables maximum heat transfer. Low hold-up volume and high heat transfer coefficients make exchangers fast responding for tight control. Furthermore, in the modern world of tight capital, materials, and resources Tranter is conserving all three to make the unit more costefficient for customer by making significant investments in developing highly efficient plates, centralizing procurement & manufacturing and practicing lean manufacturing to reduce downtime/inventories at both ends.

Tranter's new Thermofit plate patterns bring in new meaning to optimized heat transfer and pressure drop

The product lines provided by the company are suited for various industrial heat transfer applications across different industrial segments including chemical processing, power, oil & gas, textile, metals, pulp & paper, HVAC, auto ancillaries, F&B, sugar and alcohol. Additionally, the Indian Government’s decision to increase ethanol blending in fuel up by 10 percent boosts the ethanol demand. Therefore, a huge number of new projects coming in from distillery units which requires multiple heat exchangers are with Tranter. As renewable energy source needs heat exchangers to work in difficult conditions, the hydropower sector is also associated with Tranter.

Tranter has helped renowned Hydropower plants with its challenges during installations and operations. Given the plant’s accessibility issues, it is always preferred to have equipment with negligible maintenance. Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchangers along with gasketed plate heat exchanger shapes up the cooling issues in hydropower plants.

With such accomplishments Tranter won 4th Annual Awards for Logistics & Supply Chain Management 2017 and Lean Excellence award in 2016. Further, the company in the near future, aims to improve performance of their products which will lead them to endure more energy intensive applications. Seeing the current growth in segments like chemical, ethanol, and hydropower, Tranter’s development activities are in line with the global trends while growing at steady pace delivering exceptional customer experience.