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Maheshwar Sriyapu, Founder & CEO

Maheshwar Sriyapu

Founder & CEO

As the adoption of mobile continues to grow exponentially,the fraternity of enterprise mobility solutions providers is also witnessing a dramatic growth, thus creating unprecedented opportunities for even a novice mobile enthusiast to barge into the terrain. But, is this growth proficient enough to mold enterprises into mobile-enabled entities? Of late,the focus of the industry players has been majorly vested on how one can build a mobile app in a quick and a low-cost custom. But, often do they realize that it is their cognizance and experience of the complex subject matter that is intrinsic in making customers understand. Founded as a dream project of Maheshwar Sriyapu (Founder & CEO), Raghavan Madabhushi (Co-Founder) and Krishna Babu Murthineni (Co-Founder) in late 2011, Tresbu, an end-to-end mobile & cloud based products & services company, has been instrumental in filling this crater of veterans in the space.

As a Name to Reckon On

With 60 customers, Tresbu prefers to work closely with selected ones and strives to deliver value to them, rather than focusing on its own
revenue. Understanding its client's IT infrastructure and requirements, Tresbu effectively migrates the ubiquitous data and other transactions onto the mobile apps, while around 40 percent of its overall time is vested into rigorous solution testing to ensure zero leakage. The result is palpable in its suite of innovative and cost effective enterprise mobility solutions that leverage enterprise's scalability, security and compliance to startups, and their agility and innovation to bigger enterprises. Supporting iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry & Mobile Web, its full life-cycle mobile application development methodology is built on SCRUM-based CRISP framework and 5D-M methodology (Discovery, Definition, Design, Development and Deploy & Manage), while the processes are backed by its Mobility Solution Centre of Excellence.

Tresbu prefers to work closely with selected ones and strives to deliver value to them, rather than focusing on its own revenue

A finest contrivance of such modality can be its Context in Communication product. With the flexibility to plug into any applications, this platform endows the users with dexterity to understand the context of the conversation through terms of voice, video, screen share and IM kind of communication channels of callers, before the actual conversation it self. "One of our patent-in-pending product Trestify, helps companies in identifying genuine factors about the
product that has been supplied to the customers," adds Maheshwar. "Not just providing the 'right information' at the 'right time' at the 'right place' to the 'right enterprises', but the company's proven mettle also lies in aiding employees," adds Krishna. The company is currently in the phase of launching its new innovation solution Trespond (a corporate spin-off).

En Route to a Bright Future

According to Raghavan, Trespond is also a manifestation in itself for the technology-driven geek culture spread across Tresbu, which is powered by its tech-savvy team who love to impart their souls into R&D and emerging technologies. "In fact, Trespond was born out of 2-years of investment in one of such technologies," adds Raghavan. Such work culture is further complimented with a regular group discussion and hackathons. Perhaps, it is because of such happy fortunes that Tresbu and Trespond successfully raised fund at a good valuation for its services and solutions. The monies are likely to be channelized in Tresbu's further expansion into IoT, Predictive Intelligence enabling enterprise visibility while Trespond will be launched in the next quarter.