Tronicszone: Revolutionizing Electronic Design Industry, One Bespoke Solution At A Time

Naveen Nagesha,Founder & CEO

Naveen Nagesha

Founder & CEO

From 2022 to 2030, the opportunity for electronic design automation software is expected to increase at a CAGR of 9.1 percent, from an existing market size estimated at $10.20 billion in 2021. The pandemic had a minor negative impact on the industry because logistical operations were halted, which limited the availability of gear. Electronic circuit designs benefit from reduced time and cost thanks to EDA. Additionally, the program aids in removing manual mistakes, which benefits market expansion.

A pathway for potential development is now being established by the incorporation of technology into the existing solutions, such as machine learning to lower design costs. Tronicszone, founded in 2003 by Naveen Nagesha, an expert in complex electronic product designs and firmware development, has carved a niche for itself in the industry in the 20 years since its inception. The firm is known for bringing diverse experience and the ability to manage incredibly intricate electronic product designs that are supported by incredibly positive consumer testimonials and recommendations.

Renowned for its Range of Offerings
Tronicszone provides a comprehensive range of bespoke electronic product design, PCB design, Embedded Systems design, firmware development, prototyping, and manufacturing services. The organization is renowned for accepting and skillfully accomplishing a variety of the most demanding electronics design projects, and doing so in a timely manner.
"We have assisted businesses in reducing their reliance on other nations for design and manufacturing requirements. We have also assisted some businesses in redesigning their current products in a way that is both high-quality & efficient in order to combat obsolescence and the worldwide chip scarcity", asserts Naveen Nagesha, Founder & CEO, Tronicszone.

Tronicszone possesses extensive expertise and experience within the domain of creation of industrial quality instrumentation, measuring systems, and medical diagnostic equipment. Tronicszone deems it simple to construct solutions for any electronics industry segment because doing so needs substantial skill and experience which it has in abundance. "Strong subject mastery, high levels of skill in developing and producing complicated electronic products, and a strong commitment to doing things correctly the first time are what set us apart from the competitors as it also minimizes the risks and time to market, as well as the hidden expenses often imposed on customers", further adds Naveen.

The major service provided by Tronicszone is in the domain of embedded systems design which encompasses services for designing electronic hardware, PCBs, and em-bedded systems. Furthermore, the firm is equipped with a factory setup for producing prototypes and limited amounts. According to client acceptance standards, they keep absolute control over component sourcing, quality inspections, firm-ware programming, and QA/QC tests. The competence of the company to complete their products effectively, on-bud-get, and on-time is one of their major client expectations. As a customercentric company, Tronicszone assesses the client's expectations and alignment in terms of budget, deliverables, and lead times before acquiring any projects to ensure every client demand is perfectly met.

Strong subject mastery, high levels of skill in developing and producing complicated electronic products, and a strong commitment to doing things correctly the first time are what set us apart from the competitors

Path Ahead
Featuring the most recent innovations in the industry, Tronicszone is consistently modernizing. Depending on the demands of the clients, they are sufficiently adaptable to move to every suitable HW/SW framework. To stay current, they regularly provide their engineers with the finest equipment and technology for training. Keeping up with the latest advancements through and through, Tronicszone is on the path to become the leader in the electronic design segment.