Trouw Nutrition India: Refining Animal Nutrition through Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

Dr. Saurabh Shekhar,Managing Director

Dr.Saurabh Shekhar, Managing Director

With the growing lifestyle changes, diet preferences & awareness, the Indian Animal Feed industry is experiencing a demand growth, but amidst a limited resource supply. Trouw Nutrition India is committed to reinforcing these struggling supplies and cater to the surging demand by creating innovative products in line with their mission 'Feeding the Future'. Safe food and feed is of utmost importance; Trouw’s Feed Safety Programme ensures nutritive preservation and safe food & feed production by reducing the risk of mycotoxins and mould content.

Trouw’s Antimicrobial Programme is an integrated approach to reduce the use of antibiotics, and enhance gut integrity for efficient animal production. “Responsible Antibiotic usage is a major issue for Indian audience and with our globally proven approach towards responsible antibiotic usage and enhanced animal performance, we can make major leaps in this arena,” asserts Dr. Saurabh Shekhar, Managing Director, Trouw Nutrition India. On the other hand, Mycotoxin Risk Management and Trace Mineral Programme ensures detailed mycotoxin risk assessment & control and optimum
mineral presence in the feed for maximum productivity and profitability. Reinforcing their commitment to bringing innovative solutions is the recently launched mobile NIR technique – NutriOpt Onsite Adviser, which enables an easy onsite analysis of nutrients in raw materials, finished feed and even silage.

"Trouw's Feed Safety Programme ensures nutritive preservation and safe food and feed production by reducing the risk of mycotoxins and mould content"

Global Initiative
A global leader in the animal nutrition industry (with India office in Hyderabad), Trouw has been providing innovative animal feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services for more than 80 years while embracing its core values of innovation, care, collaboration and capability. Certified by CPOHB, ISO 22000 and FAMI QS, it delivers premium animal nutrition by heavily emphasizing on its key areas - Life Start, Health & Welfare, and Precision Nutrition. These focus areas include products for young animals’ development& nursery nutrition, promotion of reduced antibiotic usage in animal rearing, while providing nutritional solutions for specific challenges, and feed additives for high-performance & growth in animals.

These focus areas are intrinsically linked with the company’s niche services like NutriOpt, MycoMaster and Master Lab. Via NutriOpt, the stakeholders like the feed millers receive an end-to-end and accurate nutrient analysis that can help them achieve those required
precision goals, while Myco Master helps them assess the presence of mycotoxins to support health & welfare. The in-house research facility 'MasterLab' provides the platform to execute these services and new ideas to continue its long-standing tryst with innovation. “We have developed programs which combine products, services and technical know how to support customers overcome the challenges of production,” informs Dr. Saurabh.

Sustainability at its Core
Trouw strictly adheres to its core axiom of sustainable development and has allied with United Nations’ Sustainability Programme to develop Nuterra, the in-house comprehensive sustainability programme contributing to eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as with India-based Baramati Agro for sustainable dairy development by training and education of farmers. Each programme is tailormade for a specific animal and ensures minimal wastage, long term storage for the feed miller and safe meat, milk, and egg production with improved better shelf life for the end consumer.

This holistic approach is propelled by the company’s proactive €47 million worth R&D undertaken at centres in Canada, Spain and the Netherlands adjoined with over 50 long term associations with global scientific institutes. “In India, we are committed to improve the animal nutrition industry by collaborating with prominent research institutions. Going forward we will also be integrating innovation with our upcoming production facility at Jadcherla,” signs off Saurabh.