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Meena Singh, Founder

Meena Singh


Agree to disagree, nearly all of us have grown up hearing negative stories about drivers, especially truck drivers. It’s not often to see the words driver and good in the same sentence, but this is one such exceptional event that Meena Singh came across. And frankly, that changed her notion. Few years back, a truck strike well depicted by electronic media created havoc. The result was shooting up of prices of almost all goods- including vegetables; besides miserable condition of the commons.

This event was followed by business magazine story on vanishing Truck Drivers in India which Meena came across. The report established a fact – the gap between truck driver’s delivery and social and commercial recognition being the central cause of the vanishing phenomena. This struck her and she began to think of ways to change the social situation of truck drivers.

Subsequently, she zeroed in on introducing a magazine named Drivers India with the purpose of printing positive story and commercial gravity of truck drivers to the world. With time, it failed to be a long term sustainable idea to support the cause, however it definitely led to something new that
would work for the entire industry. This marked the beginning of Trucking news, a news portal focused on news, views & analysis of trucking and allied industries. is on a mission to build an information eco system to recognize truck drivers as the heroes of highway and consider their contribution to nation building and economy.

“Our vision is to be a voice of trucking industry, highlight challenges the industry is facing, present the concerns before policies makers and other stakeholders effectively,”speaksMeena.Truckingnewsindia.comemphasizes on appreciation, recognition & respect to trucking industries and trucking crew by creating positive emotion among masses. We are on a mission to build an information eco system to recognize truck drivers as the heroes of highway as a contributor of nation building and economy, said Meena Singh. To support this missionwe have initiated number of activities some of them are Truckers India Marathon, Be Proud Cyclothon, Jaanch Karao and Jaan Bachao- early diabetes detection test campaign for truck drivers.

“In a way we are trying to put the truck drivers first in trucking industries. This social cultural shift will make drivers feel as a contributor to the society and it will boost the morale of trucking crew.” Meena informs.
Authenticity. Integrity.Transparency.
In an ocean of unsought information that digital media presents, it is quite a challenge to filter and find authentic, validated and correct news/information. Truckingnews india.comverifies their editorial content before publishing it. “Our editorial policy is based on the principle of creating positive value and presents deep meaningful, correct, right and useful content to our audience,” mentions Meena.

Reports includes categories such as Commercial vehicles, Trucking Crew, Fleet Owners, New Technology and innovation, Trucking Digital platform, Off-road, Trucking Equipment, Trucking accessories, amongst others.

Truck Tales
Truck Tales create positive information eco system for trucking industries, under this brand, merchandise like Mugs & T-shirts with positive quotes taken from real life of truck drivers, are promoted and sold.

Brands from trucking industries may partnership with the Truck Tales initiatives of telling positive story.

Go-to-Market Strategies
Very soon Truckingnewsindia.comwill go mobile. They are also working onan innovative solution to connect them with the trucking crew while on road. On personal front our efforts are to provide better education, health and financial growth for their family. “It is our main objective to help trucking crew to be recognized as a contributor in the society. We would very soon announce programs aimed at education and health,” concludes Meena.