Trukky: To Truck Your Goods Easy!

Regardless of the rapid developments in the transport sector in India, there are quite a few challenges still entangling this sector. Some of these challenges include faulty planning of transportation, lack of effective rail road coordination, old and worn-out assets, less deployment of technology and many more. On the bright side, thanks to online transport booking platforms like Trukky, India's pioneer web & app based platform revolutionizing the transportation space. This unique platform connects users to hire a truck with a vast network of thousands of truck drivers, thereby be-stowing them with quick and timely goods delivery options. offers a wide range of on-demand transportation solutions to address both full load and part load capacities of clients' goods. Subhasish Das (Co-Founder & CEO) laid the foundation for the company in 2015 along with Saswat Sahu and Rishi Raji. Under the supervision of this trio, Trukky has been operating with the sole aim of delivering quality services at competitive prices and outstanding customer service by leveraging advanced technologies. In fact, the company's modern way of truck hiring services and fleet solutions are undoubtedly presenting its clients with exemplary experiences throughout their transportation pursuits. On the other hand, Trukky's mobile
enabled technology ceaselessly communicates with its vast network of truck operators and loaders in order to deliver

Subhasish Das,Co-Founder & CEO

reliable and trustworthy services to clients, and thus achieves remarkable customer satisfaction.

Trukky connects users to hire a truck with a vast network of thousands of truck drivers, thereby bestowing them with quick and timely goods delivery options

Backed by a well-versed team of technology mavens and logistics experts, Trukky is sailing ahead even in the uncharted waters with sheer success, thereby contributing to the freight market in the most efficient way. Since inception, the company has been strictly adhering to its mission of providing quality logistics services, timely delivery, competitive pricing and stringent safety of shipments. Even today, Trukky goes by the same mission!