Uns Chocolaterie: Premium, Handcrafted Chocolates at Affordable Prices for Everyone

Amoolya Ananthramu,Founder & Master Chocolatier

Amoolya Ananthramu

Founder & Master Chocolatier

Couverture chocolates, which is cocoa butter, has grabbed the limelight in the space of chocolates, a long time ago. In fact, the taste buds of consumers have evolved a great deal from traditional sweets to candies, vegan chocolates, sugar-free chocolates, and many others. Yet, majority of these consumers lack awareness about the benefits of couverture chocolates and even if they do, find those chocolates to be quite expensive. It is here Bengaluru-based Uns Chocolaterie has created a niche for itself in the couverture chocolate segment by completely handcrafting premium chocolates at affordable prices.

Amoolya Ananthramu, Founder & Master Chocolatier, adds, "We strive to cut-down the operational costs as much as possible to ensure that our products are priced better and thus, everyone at least picks it up, consumes it and then makes a choice of their own." Synonymous with love, honesty and respect, Uns Chocolaterie was incorporated with the main motto that anyone in love must be easily able to gift chocolates to their loved ones.

To achieve this motto, the company meticulously sources the world's best couvertures and cocoa beans from Ghana, Madagascar, Belgium and Ecuador, while purchasing fruits and nuts for preparing jams, candy fruits and others from local
farmers and wholesale markets. In fact, Uns ensures to never purchase any product from store except simple ingredients such as salt, sugar and others from certified organic stores. This way, every product crafted by Uns is of premium quality as in honest and never a fake one. In short, honest products at honest prices!

Unique Flavours!
Uns Chocolaterie offers a wide range of chocolates in dark, milk and white categories and combinations such as mango jalapeno, candied orange, star anise & cinnamon (fastest moving), saffron coconut, newly-launched macadamia sea salt & coconut praline (vegan), and many more. Amoolya adds, "Some of our favourites are pumpkin & curry powder jam, lemon curd, and ginger tea ganache, while we retain some classics like nutella hazelnut and rice crispies." Unlike most chocolateries that use machines, Unlike most chocolateries that use machines, Uns deploys traditional techniques like table top tempering method for tempering chocolates and also pounds the nuts for pralines in-stead of chopping them to keep the flavours intact. Moreover, each product is labelled with a certificate from one of the certified institutes, which portrays its premium quality.

We strive to cut-down the operational costs as much as possible to ensure that our products are priced better and thus, everyone at least picks it up, consumes it and then makes a choice of their own

Amoolya, a self-trained chocolatier along with Zoheb Sharieef (Partner) quit their jobs and co-founded Uns Chocolaterie in 2019 to satiate their love and passion for chocolates. Holding eight years of experiences from experimenting different flavours and tempering techniques of chocolates, Amoolya currently stands at the forefront of Uns, responsible for all the flavour combinations, recipes, techniques and SOPs. She is backed by a team of two ­ Azra Adenwala (Graphic Designer) and Chaitanya (Operational/Finance Head) and also contingency workforce.

From just Bengaluru, Uns expanded across four cities, 15 cafes and three online portals ­ Amazon, BigBasket & Qtrove, recently clocking revenue of Rs.15-20 lakhs per year. For the years ahead, the company plans to foray into retail stores and achieve revenue of Rs.50 lakhs per year. Amoolya concludes, "We aim to become a bean to bar company, work with our Indian farmers, buy the right set of beans, ferment them in the right way and thus, create a unique flavour."