V. K. Electric Company: At the Intersection of Technology & Design

(Standing) Anubhav Rohatgi, Product Head,(Sitting) Vinit Rohatgi, CEO

(Standing) Anubhav Rohatgi, Product Head

(Sitting) Vinit Rohatgi, CEO

Imagine the infinite possibilities when an established organization leverages its experience to unveil a new epoch of design innovation. Especially, in a niche industry like analogue measuring instrument manufacturing, which is one of the rare industries where each product is handcrafted, tested and packed. This is the story of V. K. Electric Company (VKE) – a Delhi-based organization that manufactures quality measuring instruments for over 40 years. VKE is an established brand in panel meters for starter panels. Constant innovation has been the key to the success of this company. The company is best known for its industrial design and technical prowess. The product family now includes patented dual analogue meters and controllers. VKE is recognized as a trademark of quality in the submersible pump starter panel industry. It’s OEM clients are the global leaders of the industry.

Innovation & Design Win the Prize

Established in 1973 by Vinit Rohatgi (Chairman & CEO) – an IITian (Kharagpur) and industry veteran who transformed the industry’s perceptions on industrial designs of measuring instruments. VKE visions to continue to set benchmarks in industrial design, while constantly delivering uncompromised quality at fair price points. “We believe that the best meters are made at the intersection of technology and design. Price matters as well. We are the only company that produces 72mm dual-analogue meters, which save money for starter panel
manufacturers and farmers who are the end-users”, asserts Anubhav Rohatgi, Product Head, V. K. Electric Company.

Over the years, this unique firm, which has the mindset of an innovative startup combined with decades of experience, has been home to an entire gamut of innovations. For instance, new ways of damping the movement of a meter, dual analog and dual digital meters - because where there is voltage, there is current. Having strict inspections in place for the incoming raw materials and with three stages of rigorous testing in its process flow, this ISO: 9001 & IS1248 certified company complements its design capabilities with world-class engineering. This makes it international-market-ready.

The focal point of all these deliverable is our pedigree and sound technical team

Unparalleled Expertise

“The focal point of all these deliverable is our pedigree and sound technical team. We are engineers and not traders. We have technical & design development partners who allow us to punch above our weight and bring new technology to our customers,” adds Anubhav, who himself is an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, USA and an MBA from IIM Lucknow.

With decades of experience under its belt, VKE continues to flex its innovative muscles. One of the recent advancements is a cost effective single phase controller in a 72mm enclosure that provides high voltage, overload & dry-run protection to the motor with fault and running LEDs on the front face.

The new controller designed in 65x65x35mm (LxWxD) dimension comes with 2x3 digit/seven segment LED Display (to read voltage and current). All the protections are fully customizable by the user or the OEM. That’s a lot of technology in a small package.

Finding the Right Balance

Over the last three years, VKE has been riding along an exceptional growth curve with a steady growth of 20 percent year after year. The entire team is working hard to support this new growth trajectory, which is largely driven by its dual meters and is very excited about unveiling more innovations and products this year to the market. “We specialize in the single and three phase in the starter panel industry, which is extremely cost sensitive. The panel manufacturers want high quality meters in high volume and at low costs. We aim to provide them that,” concludes Anubhav.