Vikram Solar: A Homegrown Pioneer Manufacturing High-Performance Solar PV Modules

A country like India inhabited by billions has an annual energy consumption load of 1181 kWh per capita and stands out as the third-largest energy producer across the globe. The country is gradually shifting the load towards the green energy resorts, which are expected to meet up to 40 percent power-needs by 2030. Amongst the seven other available renewable resources, solar power had been the most abundant and India has achieved the previous solar power target (20 GW) four years ahead of the schedule in 2018. Thanks to the sustenance backed by homegrown pioneers like Vikram Solar and their unremitting efforts in filing the rough edges in garnering solar PV modules with increased performance efficacy and robust build for an extended lifecycle.

Back in 2006, Vikram Solar was born embodying the core values of quality, performance, and customer centricity from Vikram Group of Companies. The company made its name with its first international utility-scale EPC project in Germany in 2009. Upholding its commitment to the industry and India's solar mission, Vikram Solar increased its contribution to solar growth by commissioning large utility-scale projects (200 MW for APGENCO in Andhra Pradesh, 130 MW for NTPC at Bhadla-Rajasthan, 80 MW for GIPCL at Charanka- Gujarat and has cumulative capacity of 525 MW project under execution for NTPC), innovative projects (India's first floating solar), and airport installations (Calicut, Kolkata, Kochi, Dibrugarh, Gondia, Gaya). Vikram Solar has established itself as a big-league EPC player in the Solar Power Industry in the country. Within last decade, Vikram Solar entailed an unquivered success timeline of an impressive 1.35 GW(commissioned + under execution) (ground mounted + rooftop projects) EPC portfolio, which ends with a magic finish line in closing contract with NTPC's 300 MW Solar Power Project in 2020.

Since inception, Vikram Solar had always maintained close contact with the leading R&D companies to gain a sharp
edge over product architecture which evolved from time-to-time, from Monocrystalline module SOMERA, smart module SOLIVO to high-efficiency Multi Bus Bar half-cell modules & bifacial PV modules contributing to the series of new launches over the years. Considering the demand aspects of the market, Vikram Solar PV modules have positive power tolerance (+5 Wp), excellent low light response and PID resistance. The products are BIS certified, PQP test approved by PVEL LLC, and warranty protected for 12 years with an output warranty for about 27 years at a stretch. Today, the brand has a global presence across six continents and further expanding at a rapid scale.

H.K. Chaudhary,Chairman

It helps the brand to get best-in-class efficiency and can strike BOS (Balance of systems) at almost all terrains by procuring the right components, providing a comprehensive solution in installing solar PV power plants. Plus its Committed O&M team has 660 MW project experience worldwide, undertaken 250 rooftops in over 500 locations and also ranked as the top three Rooftop Installers in India.

Committing Customer-Centric EPC Services
Vikram Solar has a dedicated team of experts that provides pre-sales support in discussing the technical aspects of installing a solar plant and draw a robust plan by understanding the future growth & development plan of the customer. Apart from meeting on-time execution of the projects, it gives extra attention to meeting the project compliances. Considering the budget constraints, its EPC consultants put forth a forward pricing model challenging profitability & faster ROI.