VINROX Technologies: Catapulting India's Ems To Global Standards

Ashvin Navadia,CEO & Co-Founder

Ashvin Navadia

CEO & Co-Founder

With new advancements and experiments happening in the technology realm, the electronic manufacturing industry has been evolving quite a lot for the last couple of years. The growth is expected to have gained impulse from the rise of connected devices and connectivity across the electronics value chain. Led by a team of young passionate technocrats, Vinrox Technologies LLP headquartered in Vadodara provides turnkey and cost-effective solutions in electronics manufacturing, designing and prototyping. While most of the companies bear software and hardware engineers, Vinrox endows solution for mechanical and complete packaging that could benefit the customer with one-stop shop delivery model.

Ashvin Navadia, CEO & Co-Founder, has exercised lead roles in the engineering and global sourcing department of various companies, prior to becoming steward for Vinrox. According to him, the sourcing of proper Electronics and Mechanical service providers cost a fortune and also burn daylight for the customers. He briefs that the idea behind Vinrox in getting the right price and cost reduction for the overall electronic manufacturing work the company is engaged in. The company has collaborated with partners that could provide tooling facilities. By engaging in design, tooling, manufacturing, product assembly and packaging, it possesses a proficient sourcing team as well as vendor network. Despite being a company based out of Gujarat, Vinrox also caters to C-Class Indian cities. The company has a less overhead expense compared to other similar electronic manufacturing service providers in those cities. As far as the labour part of the sector is concerned, Vinrox provides a competitive price when compared to its end-to-end solutions that are economical.

Strengthening India's Make in India Concept
As quality is a major concern, most companies rely on imported products from China. There are a lot of telecom switches being imported from China eclipsing the Indian electronic production market. Vinrox has been crucially investing in the production of the same electronic products, meeting the same quality. By generating substitute products here in the Indian market, the company is trying to develop, design, and manufacture materials locally in order to stop such imports. "We have engineers on board to do PCB design, enclosure of products using plastic or metal and design enclosure based on specific requirements. Companies that do not have experiences on tooling are assisted with the service of the team comprising mechanical engineers", says Ashvin Navadia, CEO & Co-Founder, Vinrox Technologies LLP.

Vinrox is engaged in mould making, plastic injection moulding, injection moulding, and metal fabrication, along with programming and testing services. The company has packaging partners who assist with designing box and fitments. Using in-house capabilities, the company does laser marking and printing of barcode and QR code on the plastic/martal body of boxes. Customers are benefitted with saving manpower cost since they do not require any procurement of professional or outsource enclosure design activities or even staff for final product assembly or packaging.
Design & Engineering and IP Protection
Vinrox offers end-to-end Design and Engineering services right from Concept, Detailed Engineering and Rapid Prototyping to Mass production considering time to market and cost factors. Vinrox understands that the concept generation and right design direction is the prime factor for any product's success. Therefore, Vinrox works with good domain experienced and leading Industrial Designers to ensure near perfect end product. A Vinrox team works efficiently and effectively at every stage of the product design cycle to make sure seamless integration. Right design direction and detailed engineering is the key factor for the success of any new product to the market as well as re-design or re-launching of the existing product with all new features and looks. Besides, Vinrox, as an organization is just as concerned about client's IP. Protecting customer's Intellectually Property (IP) at every stage with the highest degree of care is one of Vinrox's key differentiating factors. Vinrox signs NDA and MOU with customers to make sure that we are equally responsible to protect customer's IP. The company also signs NDA with all employees and with trusted existing partners during the process. Vinrox has a system in place against IP leakages and only limited access is given to the right people- who only need to know and are working on the project.

VINROX provides a competitive price when compared to its end-to-end solutions that are economical

Establishing Trust and Delivering Business
For the company, Kavo Kerr, Vinrox executed reverse engineering, and also reduced their existing production cost by 25 percent. Vinrox has also been approached a plethora of US based EMS firms to handle their mass productions. Vinrox is responsible for 50-60 percent to the States. Similarly, impressed by Vinrox's competitive pricing, another US based firm moved their manufacturing orders from Philippines to India in favor of Vinrox. Now, this client has reaped a business of USD 2 million within a very short time- with due credit to Vinrox. In a market scenario where a lot of companies are looking for partners in manufacturing, Vinrox has expanded its presence based on the demand for quality electronic manufacturing service. Ashvin envisions a growth of 15 million dollar for the company by the year 2025.

”VINROX works with good domain experienced and leading industrial designers to ensure near perfect end product”

PCB Assembly And Turnkey Manufacturing Are The Core Offerings From Vinrox. Vinrox Specializes In
• Through Hole PCB Assembly
• Surface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly
• Mixed or Complex SMT and Through Hole PCB Assembly
• PBGA (Pitch Ball Grid Array), FBGA (Fine Ball Grid Array), Micro-BGA, CSP, Ultra-fine pitch QFP and QFN
• Thick/Thin Film
• Fine Pitch (0201 and 01005) components
• High-Mix and Low-Medium Volume
• Through Hole to SMT conversion
• Conformal Coating & Epoxy Potting
• Rapid Prototyping
• Box Build/Final assembly
• Turnkey Manufacturing
• Wire and Cable Harnessing
• Board Level or System Level Testing
• Lead-Free, RoHS Compliant, and Non-RoHS Process
• Online Quality Control

Summarized Services
Electronic System Design & Engineering
• Hardware Schematic Design
• Hardware Platform Selection
• Embedded Software Development
• ECAD- PCB Design
• Rapid Prototyping
• Regulatory Compliance
• Signal Integrity & Measurements
• Testing & Certification

Mechanical Design & Engineering (Plastic & Metal Enclosures, Parts And Components)
• Market Research & Benchmarking
• Concept Refinement
• Concept Generation
• Detailed Mechanical Engineering
• Design For Manufacturability and Design For Reliability (DFx)
• Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
• Rapid Prototyping
• Design Verification and Validation
• Tool Development
• Environmental and Endurance Testing Support
• Manufacturing Support