Visual Hash Technologies: "Powering Businesses to Always Stay Consumer-Ready"

Harsha Sankisa,CEONavigating a business through the challenges that COVID-19 has presented this year has been difficult, but having a good digital marketing agency on board could be the difference between success and failure. With most agencies able to work fully remotely at ease, the performance of these companies is uncompromised by the move to online working. Thus, one such company powering businesses to success is a Hyderabad based Visual Hash Technologies.

With 10 years of real estate marketing experience having combined, Visual Hash established itself in the year 2017. They use cutting edge strategies with world-class, in-house talent in order to get a brand the attention it deserves online. It's all about turning ones leads into sales at the end of the day. That's exactly what Visual Hash does best by providing service PAN India.

Pioneering Digital Marketing with Unique Curriculum
Visual Hash offers a wide array of marketing solution that is tailored to business objectives. To provide the right audience with the right information at the right time, Visual Hash can deploy the correct online marketing solution on the right channels. Visual Hash helps achieve business goals with an integrated marketing strategy and maximise marketing ROI. Visual Hash's expertise is in developing knockout strategies that include high-impact digital advertising, advanced optimization of search engines, ever-green marketing of content and shareable content on social media.
Around 90% of their clients are mostly real estate developers in which Visual Hash helps in digital marketing activity and engagement activity for these real estate developers. No other digital marketers are specifically concentrating on real estate but Visual Hash have full wing production for real estate marketing technology. Powered with over 30-40 employees, Visual Hash's experienced team has expertise especially on how to promote real estate projects for real estate developers which makes them very unique in that field.

Visual Hash believes that there are three important tools for any business to close a deal. These three are as follows, one is engagement activities, second is generation of leads, third is tracking of clients. Engagement activities consist of virtual tools like AR-VR where they showcase real estate projects in a 360dgree view for immersive experience to their clients. Generation of leads consist of real estate digital marketing where they do digitally viewed footprints targeted to particular segment of real estate such as villas, apartments or farmhouses.

Tracking client needs consists of Visual Hash's own AI chatbots which help in communicating with the client through website, Facebook interactions where theses chatbots are text and voice command enabled. Visual Hash has been at the forefront of the constant evolution in digital marketing, AR-VR experience, IoT products for marketing and android, IOS, mobile app platforms. Visual Hash solutions finally enabled brands to use their existing infrastructure to identify and understand each consumer, and directly communicate with them through mobile technologies.

Customer-Sticky Strategies
With the explosion of e-commerce in the following decade, Visual Hash addressed another major pain point that brands were facing, which was to quickly, easily and reliably establish an online presence. Visual Hash help brands deliver enriched online experiences with ease by providing strategies on how to build a brand from pre-launch to sales where they take care of processes like logo creation to brochure making to digital marketing.

As consumers expect a connected and seamless experience, Visual Hash has developed products that help brands get a 360degree single view of inventory across all channels, so they could stitch together previously siloed customer journeys with data, and build unified, cross-channel strategies that deliver a consistent, omnichannel experience. Consumers are changing faster than ever. They expect connected and seamless experiences that make their lives easier. To ensure a business continues to meet these consumer demands, Visual Hash develops technologies and solutions that help understand, engage, enable easy experiences and retain consumers. In short, Visual Hash is powering businesses to always stay consumer-ready.