VYTEC: A Trusted Global Supplier of Electronic Components Distributor

Shashi Kumar Ganesh,    Founder & Managing Partner

Shashi Kumar Ganesh

Founder & Managing Partner

Most people are unaware of the critical role that distributors play in the supply chain, particularly when it comes to electronic components. Numerous purchasers simply look at the price charged by manufacturers and consider the normally lower price of items direct from manufacturers to be sufficient reason to avoid suppliers. However, many end customers are unaware that distributors add value to the products they supply. This is especially true for electrical component distributors. Electronic components are required to be delivered on schedule by clients. Furthermore, the distributor should guarantee that the correct parts are provided to end users with strict documentation policies in place. They should also have the necessary skills to sell authentic components with more selections, manage excess inventory, and cut shipping costs, among other things.

VYTEC, established in 2014, is a solution-oriented electronic component distribution firm that specialises in serving R&D, OEM, and CM clients worldwide with shortage, hard-to-find, and obsolete electronic parts. Vytec includes thorough cost tracking, forecasts based on different scenarios, and risk assessments. Procurement departments are adaptable and knowledgeable about the whole range of derivative instruments. thus allowing for the most diverse hedging options.

We have open channels of contact with our suppliers about products that are on order or in transit. We provide information to our customers on product status and the
availability of alternative options. We understand that the customers do not want to design with obsolete components, so we label them as NRND(Not Recommended for New Design) or EOL (End of Life) and warn customers when this occurs. Furthermore, we provide product alternatives, including the level of risk associated with the substitute part so that clients may make an informed selection,” says Shashi Kumar Ganesh, Founder & CEO at VYTEC.

We have open channels of contact with our suppliers about products that are on order or in transit. We provide information to our customers on product status and the availability of alternative options

A Globally Renowned Company
VYTEC designs, develops, manufactures, and markets application-specific components through its subsidiaries. Today, it is well-known in the market for providing the most comprehensive range of electronic components, including passive, active, cable & accessories, connectors such as MIL grade, space qualified, and automotive grade, relays, electro mechanical, robotics, computer & peripherals, evaluation/ development kits, IT related products, and test & measuring instruments. The company’s products are extensively used across military/defence, space technology, medical, automotive, industrial power control, power management, consumer electronics, computing and data storage, switches and routers, sensing solutions and security in IoT applications. The company has been successfully operating throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, UK and US.

“VYTEC guarantees that design teams communicate with suppliers, technological roadmaps and capital investment plans, and that product design evolves accordingly. Our organisation adds new alternative suppliers and examines new suppliers for common products on a regular basis. To mitigate interruptions that may occur in a single region, we analyse a supplier’s global footprint. To give s uppliers with the lead time they require, we have strengthened communication and visibility among product design, procurement, and supply chain management departments,” highlights.

VYTEC works in conjunction with the original manufacturers to assist customers with decision-making, provide customer support, and resolve technical issues. Due to the fact that we offer a variety of products, and often serve as a contact point for technical and product support for multiple manufacturers. Partnering with manufacturers, distributors set up customer support centers in order to help resolve technical issues and provide an avenue for inbound sales.