Wadhwa Group of Companies: Improving Indian Logistics Industry with Top-Notch Support and Service

Puneet Wadhwa,Logistics & Legal head

Puneet Wadhwa

Logistics & Legal head

According to recent research, the Indian logistics sector is growing at a rate of 10.5 percent per year and is estimated to reach 215 billion US dollars by 2020. While the industry is registering great success over the past few years, logistics has always played a key role in Indian manufacturing industry. Founded by late SH Kamal Wadhwa, Wadhwa Group of Companies is a veteran player holding years of experience about thriving within the Indian Logistics sector. Starting its logistics operations in 2000 and since inception, the firm has been setting new benchmarks in the industry and through their unique approaches which have helped them create an ever-expanding niche in the industry. As of now, the company is operating in multiple North Indian states including Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, UP, and Uttarakhand.

Headquartered in Dehradun, Wadhwa Group of Companies is an ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company providing 3PL services. The company has numerous individual companies work under them on different aspects of logistics, warehousing, distribution, and related legal services. Verve Logistics and Warehousing Pvt. Ltd is one such subsidiary company that was founded by partnering with Innovative Trade links Pvt. Ltd in the year of 2017 with the main aim of providing warehousing and other 3PL services to companies outside of Uttarakhand.
A Step Ahead of Rest
With its commitment and honesty towards its clients, Wadhwa Group of Companies has developed into one of the fastest-growing companies in North India which specializes in providing end-to-end services in 3PL solutions, distribution services, and legal and liaison solutions. Operating in one of the highly competitive industries in the country, Wadhwa Group of Companies made some bold decisions to sustain and succeed in the industry. "The biggest factor that separates us from the rest of the pack is our dedication and professionalism that we show in our work and we always strive to make an extra effort to make things work for our clients regardless of the given situation. All of our team, right from the top management to the lower-level employees, actively participates in the day to day operations of our company and adopting this work philosophy helps all of our employees to have a clear understanding of what we are dealing with", says Puneet Wadhwa, Logistics and Legal head, Wadhwa Group of Companies.

With its commitment and honesty towards its clients, Wadhwa Group of Companies has developed into one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in North India

The company always makes sure that the clients of the Wadhwa Group of Companies are provided with top-notch support and service. Understanding the uniqueness of their clients' operations, the firm offers customized solutions and services to solve its clients' problems. Through their years of experience and expertise, the company has created a pattern of operations that are flexible and this helps them change their flow of operations according to the various clients and different situations. With the help of modern technologies such as GPS tracking and digital stock scanning, Wadhwa Group of Companies is also able to provide class-leading services at a competitive price.

Their customer-centric approach has helped Wadhwa Group of Companies to cater more than 2000+ distributors and retailers in more than 80 locations in North India. Today, Wadhwa Group of Companies caters to some of the biggest names in the 30+ multinational in FMCG, electronics, liquor and various other sectors, including companies like Philips, Dabur, Everest, Asian Paints, and Johnson & Johnson's, all being part of their clientele. The company has also won numerous awards on multiple occasions. As for the future of the company, Wadhwa Group of Companies has planned an expansion project to enter into different markets across India and make Wadhwa Group of Companies a synonym of logistics services in the country.