Wardwizard Solutions India: Pocket Friendly Products for a Healthier India

Yatin S. Gupte,  Founder & CEO
Yatin S. Gupte, Founder & CEO

Alarmingly, air pollution has emerged into the biggest social health risk today, killing more people than smoking, hunger and natural diseases combined. Acknow-ledging that many cities in India has a pollution level that is 20-fold higher than the WHO recommended levels, the Indian government has rolled-out a five year action plan in January 2019 to control air pollution (reduce the pollution levels by 30 percent in 102 cities), build a country-wide air quality monitoring network, and improve citizen awareness. NOx emissions from trans -portation being one of the major reasons behind air pollution, the government has laid-out ambitious plans to reduce the usage of fossil fuel like petrol & diesel by promoting battery powered commute vehicles through incentives and facili-tating a conductive ecosystem like mandating parking spaces for electric vehicle and charging points.

Nearly 87 percent of Indian vehicle owners are already willing to switch to electric vehicles, as they are eco-friendly, not to mention the low maintenance expenses and fuel cost. Unsurprisingly, the EV industry is growing by leaps & bounds and has sold nearly 8,00,000 electric vehicle units in FY2019, wherein the sales of electric two-wheelers has jumped from 23,000 in FY2017 to 1,26,000 in FY2019. Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., a technology & health-oriented consumer products company, is geared-up to take the electric vehicle industry to newer heights by magnetizing the market with better performing yet budget-friendly vehicles by wielding the power of innovation.

Striving for a Healthier India
Fuelled by the idea of contributing at least one percent for environment conservation, Yatin S. Gupte (Founder & CEO) incepted Wardwizard in 2016. Since his 20s, Yatin had been concerned about environment pollution & climate change. Kickstarted Wardwizard with VYOM line of LED TV, Car & Room Air Purifiers, Yatin in the same year decided to up the ante by making a fierce foray into the electric vehicle market with the launch of JOY E BIKE. The company repeated the feat by rolling-out JOY E BIKE Electric Cycle’s two different models – Nanu Electric Scooter Butterfly model in 2018 and the Honeybee model of the same in 2019, along with JOY E BIKE Gen Next E-scooter.

“I was always inspired by thoughts & vision of our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on environment conservation and his concern towards climate change. Hence, we took-up the challenge of leveraging innovation to set a benchmark for quality in our Make in India EV products, despite being offered at affordable prices,” delineates Yatin. As evidence to Wardwizard’s quality consciousness look no further than the lithium ion batteries deployed in its vehicles, which cost more upfront, but are maintenance-free, last longer and highly efficient; where as most players in the
shorter lifespan and need regular
maintenance. An ISO 9001:2015 organization, Wardwizard’s JOY E BIKE Electric bicycles are approved by ARAI (The Automotive Research Association of India) and Electric Scooters are approved by ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology). Hence, its customers don’t require license or RTO registration to drive these vehicles.

"We took up the challenge of leveraging innovation to set a benchmark for quality in our Make in India EV products, despite being offered at affordable prices"

Unique & Innovative Products
Having established a vast network with more than 250 dealers and distributors nationwide, Wardwizard offers varied yet unique & innovative products that facilitate an enhanced and healthier lifestyle in these changing times. “Besides facilitating global environmental sustainability, our innovative products are aimed at reducing the world’s carbon footprint and improving the health & fitness levels of everyone worldwide, while demonstrating how blockchain technology can be instrumental in this quest,” remarks Yatin.

All of its JOY E BIKE vehicles come with Lithium Ion Battery and are light in weight, whereas its electric scooter model has tubeless tires. These eco-friendly products come with features like auto drive & auto cut-off and remote operable security features. Parlaying the success of these products, Wardwizard aims to launch a one-seater foldable electric kick scooter and in the coming days roll-out an Electric bike and Electric car, which is currently under R&D to support the electric vehicle revolution as a whole.

Wardwizard takes pride in its strong frame of developers & engineers who have developed advanced technologies akin to electric kick scooters inhouse. Bringing industry implement the cheaper lead-acid batteries which have a everyone on par with its expectations, the company provides in-house training programmes for new joiners, besides bringing-in dealers and distributors to train them on product information, service execution and maintenance.

New Heights to Scale
Moving up the evolution cycle, Wardwizard has bid for Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) projects across smart cities in India. If the cards are right, the company is likely to make it as a top player in the PBS domain urban mobility. Already in the R&D phase to build a PBS system, the company is also working on the front project for establishing charging service stations in smart cities for Electric vehicles.

Its plan of action for boosting its sales involves innovating more unique products such as VYOM Air Conditioner, VYOM Refrigerator, VYOM Sterilizer, VYOM OLED, Fire TV stick and Air mouse keypad. Plans are afoot to upgrade its Hydrogen Water bottle to make it generate Oxygen with Hydrogen rich water. Wardwizard is currently in the mode of expanding its business channel to Middle East region, approaching European market and also anticipates establishing its presence in African countries, thereby scaling-up its environment & energy conservation aspirations to reach the far-flung corners of the world.

Key Management:
Yatin S. Gupte, Founder & CEO
He truly enjoys excelling and pushing himself to new tasks and
shorter lifespan and need regular and grow. He is a fortunate risk taker, accepting new challenges for the growth of organization. Environment conservation and Energy conservation are manifolds of his life.

•2018-Honorary PHD In Social Service
•2012-Emba In Insurance & Risk Management

•Founder & CEO - Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
•Chairman - Wardwizard Solutions Uganda Ltd.
•Chairman - Wardwizard Technology Dutch BV, Breda Netherlands
•Director & CFO - Dhanwanthari Health & Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
•Trustee, Controller - Sree Ernakulathappan College Of Engineering And Management Approved By AICTE And Affiliated To Calicut University

VYOM Air Purifiers:
Removes carbon particles and provides fresh & clean air that helps its customers live a healthy life. With an air quality sensor indicator and 6-filter purification phase, this portable product helps to breathe easily, removes pet odour & smoke, reduces dust and protects people from respiratory diseases.

Enables one to switch to a smarter world and live in luxury at a pocket-friendly price

VYOM Hydrogen Water Bottle:
This 500 ml bottle generates hydrogen-rich water that eliminates free radicals and treats antioxidation in five minutes. Constant usage of this water is proven to relieve exhaustion & pain, give an energetic & fresh feeling, and prevent changes related to aging and wear & tear.

Joy E Bike Electric Cycle:
Helps in reducing the carbon footprint by zero emissions and maintaining good health & fitness level.

JOY E BIKE Nanu E-scooter:
Has a Sleek, compact design, and is available in attractive colours. The only e-bike of this size and design to be seen on Indian roads and is a definite eye catcher. Apart from remote locking and wheel locking system, it also comes with a front basket for storage, back rest and adjustable driving seat.

JOY E BIKE Gen Next E-Scooter:
A stylish Electric scooter having digital display and tubeless tires, DRL Light Gen Next E-Scooter is suitable for all age groups with different colour variants. Its impressive features include reverse assist, three speed electronics gears with anti-theft alarm, and keyless operation.

•Best Corporate Innovative Product – 2019 by Times Icon of Vadodara
•Bharat Gaurav Award – 2018 for Environment Conservation
•India’s Top 500 CEO Award – 2018 by Benchmark Trust, TQV
•India’s 5000 Best MSME Award – 2018 by Benchmark Trust , TQV
•Award for Best Innovation in Automotive Sector by Franchise India
•Best Corporate Innovative Product by Divya Bhaskar Eminence Awards – 2019