Warrier Self Adhesives: Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies to Offer Class-Leading Products

Ram Das Warrier,FounderThe label manufacturing industry is a booming market segment in India with more and more companies starting to enter the stratum on a yearly basis. One of the pioneering names in the Indian label manufacturing space is Warrier Self Adhesives and apart from that, the company is also one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of custom-made decals/labels. Warrier Self Adhesives strives to be a unique entity in the market segment which is backed by constant innovation. Owing to the superior quality of their products, Warrier Self Adhesives has been able to develop into one of the most sought-after names in the industry and create a niche for themselves in the market.

By aiming for perfection and consistent improvement, Warrier Self Adhesives has been able to one-up their competition and break new frontiers in the Indian label manufacturing space. "We develop decals to any size and variant and we have developed decals as lengthy as 15-20 meters long and even with 1 mm in width. We develop tamper-proof and aesthetic decals for our clients. We first understand what our client is looking for and where they are facing problems and then as per their specific requirement, we develop custom made decals / stickers for them.
We give them solutions to their needs and since we are offering custom-made solutions to our clients as per their specific demand and requirement, we develop the decals and stickers as per suitability. Our first priority has always been the quality of our products and services and as we have all manufacturing process under one roof including QC & R&D. Our products are thoroughly inspected and checked before dispatch. We are also an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company where we adopt environment safety protocols and maintain healthy atmosphere for our employees while at the same time keeping strict eye on the quality of our products during manufacturing. In the current pandemic, we are taking care of all staff with proper training and periodical check-up. We also ensure that all our finished goods are UV treated and sanitized before dispatch", avers, Ram Das Warrier: Founder, Warrier Self Adhesives.

We also ensure that all our finished goods are UV treated and sanitized before dispatch

Over the years, Warrier Self Adhesives has been able to not only create but maintain an impressive clientele that includes top-tier companies such as Ashok Leyland, Mercedes Benz, and Tetra Pack & Défense (OFDR), and Atlas Copco to name a few. Adding more about how they are able to meet their client's expectations and how Warrier Self Adhesives is aiming to constantly stay ahead of the curve, Ram Das says, "Our clients approach us mostly when they are facing problems with their existing vendor regarding the quality of their products and services. So, we are known as `Problem Solvers'. We with our team solve the issue whatever they are facing and develop new solutions for our clients.

We are always able to compete in the market with better affordability and our unit is equipped with the latest screen-printing machines with computerized cutting facility and we have well equipped digital section all inhouse under one roof. We have been growing at 24 percent year on year and we always make sure that we do necessary developments by upgrading our team and upgrading manufacturing process time to time so that our clients are always proud to be associated with us". By constantly evolving with the changing market, Warrier Self Adhesives is aiming to develop into an elite custom label manufacturer not only in India but also make their presence known on the global stage.